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The Forgotten Chris Evans Sci-Fi Movie You Can Watch On Hulu

For a generation of moviegoers, Chris Evans is Captain America. In addition to starring in his own trilogy of films as well as all of the Avengers movies, Cap has also popped up in cameos in Thor: The Dark World and Spider-Man: Homecoming, among others. While it looked as though the actor might be hanging up the shield at the end of Avengers: Endgame, there are rumors circulating that Chris Evans is reportedly returning to the MCU as Captain America.

We know it's hard to imagine now, but Chris Evans actually had a career before he ever entered the MCU. He popped up in a variety of action flicks early on, such as Cellular and Street Kings. He even had the chance to show off his superhero chops in the original Fantastic Four movies that came out in 2005 and 2007. 

However, anyone really looking to take a deep dive into what Evans was up to before becoming a household name is in luck if they have a Hulu account. His 2009 science-fiction actioner, Push, was made available on the streaming platform on January 1, 2021, and its intriguing premise is sure to get you hooked. 

Push is worthwhile to watch if you're a fan of sci-fi movies like Firestarter

Push takes place in a world in which the government established a "Division" to conduct experiments on human subjects, giving them various psychic abilities. Two of these individuals are young Nick Grant (Colin Ford) and his father, Jonah (Joel Gretsch), who are currently on the lam from authorities at the outset of the film. Jonah informs Nick of a vision he received about a young girl he'll need to save in the future in order to take down The Division once and for all, but the duo are soon tracked down, resulting in Jonah's death. Don't worry about spoilers; this happens in the first three minutes of the movie. When Nick's an adult, played by Evans, he finds the girl, Cassie (Dakota Fanning), who holds the key for stopping the experimentations once and for all. 

The movie owes a debt to sci-fi properties of the past that have dealt with ordinary people receiving extraordinary powers, such as Firestarter and Scanners. Upon watching it, you may also get similar vibes to another sci-fi movie that came out a year before this one — the similarly titled Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen. 

If you're wondering why you haven't heard of Push before now, well, it didn't exactly light up the box office when it was first released. It only grossed $48 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo), which likely had something to do with the predominantly poor reviews the film received from critics. It does have some advocates, such as Tasha Robinson of The A.V. Club who wrote in her review, "Superhero fans will likely be into Push just for the cool-factor of watching embattled heroes and villains in a tense war of wits, wills, and skills." 

So, don't get into watching this movie expecting prestige cinema, but if you're interested in some cool action set pieces and a glimpse into the superstar Chris Evans would become, then the flick is waiting for you on Hulu.