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You May Have Missed This Minecraft Tribute Easter Egg In Skyrim

Players have been exploring the land of Skyrim ever since The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim first launched way back in 2011. Since then, Bethesda's epic RPG has been released on multiple computers, major home consoles and even home assistants. With an endless supply of things to do and see, and hundreds of hours of content, it's no wonder why Skyrim is one of the most talked-about video games.

The same can be said about Minecraft, for many of the same reasons. Mojang's world of creation also launched in 2011 and also appeared on seemingly every home console, handheld, and mobile device under the sun. The game also popularized the game mechanics of collecting resources to build whatever the player's heart desires.

Both Skyrim and Minecraft are gaming phenomenons still thriving to this day. A naming dispute, however, led to a long legal battle between the publishers of both games. By the end, however, these titans at least shared a nod of respect — in the form of an Easter egg.

The pick of destiny

Around the launch of Minecraft, Mojang had announced plans for an upcoming collectable card game called Scrolls. This did not sit well with Bethesda's lawyers, who saw a similarity to the name of its long-running RPG series, despite the two games sharing nothing in common. Bethesda slapped Mojang with a lawsuit over the name. Despite this, it is clear there was admiration at Bethesda for Mojang and its co-founder, Markus "Notch" Persson.

The Throat of the World is the highest point in Skyrim, upon which players discover a weapon named "Notched Pickaxe," an obvious nod to Persson and the tool with which Minecraft would use to grow to unimaginable heights.

The lawsuit was eventually settled. Mojang's card game would be renamed to Caller's Bane and was released in 2014, going free-to-play in June 2018. Meanwhile, Minecraft continues to gain fans and The Elder Scrolls series is enjoying success from The Elder Scrolls Online and hype for the upcoming next game in the main series.