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This WandaVision Theory About Dottie's 'True' Identity Will Blow Your Mind

WandaVision has already carved out a name for itself as the best approximation of what a David Lynch-helmed entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might look like. Questions abound: What's up with the Pleasantville helicopter? How did Vision come back? Are we finally getting mutants in the MCU this year or what?

And then there are the ancillary characters, pinballing around the idyllic town of Westview and inspiring Marvel fans around the world to start their own wall-mounted red yarn conspiracy maps. We already know that a few of the town's denizens have more to them than what's advertised on the label — Teyonah Parris let slip some time ago that she's double-secret-no-tellsies actually Monica Rambeau, and the hints that Kathryn Hahn's Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness are thicker on the ground than a yoga mat made out of George R. R. Martin novels.

There's one character, however, that folks are having a difficult time placing: Dottie, the overbearing commander in chief of... being suburban. Hungry as we all are for any hint at the shared universal underpinnings of WandaVision, a few stalwart fans with their speculation dials turned all the way to Pepe Silvia have taken to Reddit's /r/wandavision forum to discuss who this furious domestic human death glare might be. It's a devil of a theory. It's a sinfully good slice of conjecture. You'd have a hell of a time beating this idea.

It's Mephisto. They think Dottie is Mephisto.

Could WandaVision's Dottie be the Devil herself?

The theory, posted by Reddit user Unknxwn___, centers around Dottie's debut in WandaVision's second episode. Broken down, it states that Dottie is secretly Mephisto, and is responsible for every facet of Westview's current state of affairs. The breadcrumb trail of purported clues is damning, and includes Agnes' quasi-terror when dealing with the suburban juggernaut, her offhand remarks about the details not being "the only place" that the devil is, and that line about Dottie being "the key to everything" in the peaceful little dystopia.

Mephisto has a long, complicated history in the Marvel Comics universe. He's effectively the actual Devil, although there is a canonical Satan in the comics as well — Marvel stories have been going for the better part of a century, and new villains are hard to come by. What would make Mephisto's inclusion in WandaVision particularly apropos is his past history with the loving eponymous couple. Back in the late '80s, this demonic scofflaw was responsible for Wanda's giving birth to two children, twin boys named Tommy and Billy.

Even with the MCU's formidable place on the entertainment landscape, it would be an astonishingly hard swing to introduce what's essentially a contemporary religious figure into the universe proper. Still, there would be worse ways to present the embodiment of pure evil than shoving him into the life of someone who really, really cares about HOA bylaws.