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Characters You Never Realized Were Villains

In movies and TV, it's usually pretty clear who the bad guys are: they're the people who always have sinister music playing in the background. There are some villains, however, that fly under the radar. For whatever, these people cause chaos and destruction, but nobody seems to care. These are characters that you never realized were bad guys the whole time.

John Hammond In Jurassic Park

Everyone assumes that Dennis Nedry is the villain of Jurassic Park, but John Hammond is pretty bad, too. After one of his workers is killed by a Velociraptor, Hammond doesn't even blink twice. Before the park even opens, there's already been casualties. On top of that, Hammond has one interaction with Nedry and it's incredibly hostile. He literally yells at Nedry for his personal financial situation. Sure, Nedry might not be a nice guy, but Hammond is an incredibly rude and unprofessional boss towards him. By creating a hostile work environment, Hammond is partially responsible for Nedry's actions.

Eduardo Saverin In The Social Network

While it might not be true to real life, the film version of Eduardo Saverin isn't really a victim of anything. In The Social Network, Saverin provides the capital needed for Mark Zuckerberg to form Facebook. After that, all Saverin does is argue with Zuckerberg and give him bad advice. While his firing could be handled better, he does deserve it. The film version of Saverin doesn't provide one helpful idea towards Facebook. All he does was pursue revenue streams that would have hurt the overall product. He isn't a victim of anything but his own greed.

Morpheus In The Matrix

Morpheus claims that he's trying to save humanity from the evil robots, but his actions are pretty horrifying. The machines are using humans as batteries, and have them connected to a virtual reality so they don't realize the truth. The thing is, people in The Matrix aren't actually suffering. The only non-resistance humans that are killed in this movie are killed by Morpheus and his crew. Think about how many families Morpheus destroyed all because he couldn't handle the fact that there weren't really any spoons.

Evelyn Carnahan In The Mummy

In the 1999 remake of The Mummy, Evelyn Carnahan accidentally revives a cursed Egyptian priest after she reads from the book of the dead. The mummy unleashes several plagues upon Egypt, including fireballs and zombies. Even though she doesn't do it purpose, Weisz' character is responsible for a lot of death and destruction. It's fine though, because by the end of the movie she's in love with Rick O'Connell (played by Brendan Frasier), so all of those deaths are totally worth it.

Doc Brown In Back To The Future

In the first Back to the Future, Doc Brown witnesses how horrifying messing with time travel can be. By traveling to the past, Marty almost erases himself and his siblings from reality. After fixing the mess that his time machine has made, what does Doc Brown do? Immediately travel through time again. Despite seeing how disastrous it can be, he still wants to go to the future because he's curious. His trip to the future causes the events of Back to the Future 2, where a nightmarish alternate timeline is created. Every time Doc Brown travels through time, it causes chaos. The last time we see him in the third movie, he's of course built a new time machine. It's like he doesn't even care about the fabric of reality.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

After being freed from her prison on the moon, Rita Repulsa begins plotting to take over the Earth. To protect the Earth from her monstrous creations, Zordon empowers a group of teens and calls them the Power Rangers. Unfortunately, he picked a bunch of sociopaths. Yes, Rita is evil, but at least she admits it. Every time she sends a monster to Earth, it ends with the Power Rangers fighting it with giant robots in the middle of the city. Every week, entire buildings are knocked over. The Power Rangers never once attempt to move the fight away from innocent civilians, because they obviously don't care.

Jim In American Pie

While many consider it to be a coming of age story about four teens trying to lose their virginity, American Pie has a dark side. Everyone remembers the classic scene where Jim films Nadia (played by Shannon Elizabeth) as she gets changed in his room. Jim, our lovable hero, secretly tapes a girl while she's naked and broadcasts it across the internet. You know, the sort of thing a criminal would do. There's also the scene where he humps the pie. Since he got caught, we never get to find out what he was going to do with that pie once he was done.

Ferris Bueller In Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A lot of kids have ditched school, but not on the same level as Ferris Bueller. Yeah, he has a really awesome day, but he's only able to do so due to the high number of crimes he commits. He steals his friend's dad's car, commits several acts of fraud, and kidnaps his girlfriend. When he impersonates her father to take her out of school under false pretenses, that's something that could land him in jail. Sure, he just wanted to show her a good time, but what if there had been some sort of family emergency?

John Connor In The Terminator

In the Terminator movies, cyborgs are sent back from a dystopian future to kill future leaders of the resistance. John Connor, being one of the targets, knows about this his whole life. He also knows that the Terminators only exist because of a time loop. Damaged parts from a Terminator were recovered by Cyberdyne Systems and used to develop the technology that would later become Skynet. If the Terminators have no reason to go back in time, then they'd accidentally wipe themselves out of existence. If John just didn't play any games with time travel, the problem would solve itself. Instead, he basically sacrifices millions of human lives just so he can hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dr. Loomis In Halloween

Dr. Loomis is the psychiatrist for serial killer Michael Myers. Loomis recognizes pure evil within Michael and gives up even trying to treat him. Of course Michael eventually escapes from the asylum and goes on multiple killing sprees, which are all Dr. Loomis' fault. He's a doctor who has a severely disturbed patient. He claims that Michael Myers is incurable, but he also gave up trying. He denies treatment to a patient, who would later go on to murder a lot of people. Before meeting Loomis, Michael Myers killed one person. After meeting him, well, we lost count of the bodies a long time ago.

The Ghostbusters In Ghostbusters

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, you call the Ghostbusters. If your house or business is haunted, they'll catch the ghost and detain it for you. They store ghosts in their ecto containment facility. Another way to look at it is life imprisonment for minor vandalism. The ghosts are clearly sentient beings, and are usually only guilty of being pests. They're obviously trapped between the world of the living and the dead. Instead of helping these immortal souls cross over, the Ghostbusters lock them in a box and throw away the key. Sick.

Marty In Cabin In The Woods

In Cabin in the Woods, a group of teens must be sacrificed to appease mysterious old gods. One of the teens, Marty, survives the ordeal and eventually learns the truth. He learns that if he doesn't die by sunrise, the entire human race will be wiped out. While that's a tough choice, he knows he's going to die either way. He sacrifices the entire human race for literally an extra two minutes of life. That really doesn't seem worth it.

Optimus Prime In Transformers

While Optimus Prime is considered the heroic leader of the Autobots, his actions at the end of Michael Bay's Transformers are anything but. During the movie, the Decepticons are chasing after the Allspark, an infinite energy source hidden on Earth. That's their only interest in Earth. Once the Allspark is destroyed, there's no reason to stay. Instead of leaving, Optimus places the entire planet in danger by broadcasting across the universe that all Autobots have a new home on Earth. He knows the humans can't defend themselves from the Decepticons, but he's comfortable here and doesn't care about people getting killed.

Bill Harding In Twister

In Twister, Bill Harding brings his fiancee along with him while he tries to get his ex-wife to sign divorce papers. She's a storm chaser, so they have to follow along with her as she goes from one dangerous situation to another. Bill drags his fiancee from tornado to tornado, constantly placing her life in danger. Then, after all that, he dumps her via CB radio to get back with his ex-wife.