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Why Link's Private Cabana In The Wind Waker Isn't What You Think

Throughout his many adventures in The Legend of Zelda, Link has faced a countless number of terrifying ordeals. While he's able to stand up courageously against each obstacle, it's hard to say if the player can match his bravery. Whether it's dragons, giant spiders, or toilet ghosts, Link still always manages to keep his cool, even if he's getting his head chomped on by a zombie. The Zelda universe is cruel, and it's even worse when the player is caught off-guard by a trap or enemy that they never saw coming. 

This is especially the case in the The Wind Waker, where players are lured into a false sense of security just based on how the game looks. But don't let Wind Waker's colorful cartoony art style fool you. Like other Zelda titles, it knows how to serve up a good scare — and no location does it better than the private cabana in The Wind Waker.

The private cabana is also a getaway for the undead

At first glance, the Private Oasis looks like a tropical resort that's fit for a legendary hero, but the first weird thing about the island is its servant. Instead of an actual person, the door to the cabana has a painting of a man in a butler's outfit, and it's fully capable of speaking. The game doesn't explain this, so gamers are left to wonder if the door is haunted.

When Link enters the cabana, everything is also pretty normal looking. There are few sliding puzzle mini-games to play and some gorgeous architecture. But when you use the grappling hook to activate a switch hanging from the ceiling, the fireplace goes out revealing a hole that leads to the basement of the home.

This where things take a nightmarish turn. When Link descends into the basement, he's met with a sewer-like labyrinth filled with ReDeads, Hyrule's answer to zombies. Why in all places are there zombies just casually chilling in the basement of what was once the vacation home to a teacher on another island? This also isn't explained, but one can only guess that ReDeads can also get tired and like to kick back every now and then.