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Why Homelander And Stormfront's Love Scene On The Boys Shocked Aya Cash

The Boys is a weird, violent show. Superheroes die from dynamite stuffed in their body cavities, girlfriends blow up on speedster impact, and — come to think of it — didn't a whale basically get blown up, too? In fact, the entire mystery of the Amazon series' second season was "who's blowing up everyone's heads?" To reiterate — The Boys is a weird, explosively violent show.

If you were to try and pick your way through the human remains to find the least messy (but still weird and gross) moment the show has shared with its audience so far, it would probably be the lovemaking scene between Homelander (Antony Starr) and Stormfront (Aya Cash).

To recap: After several episodes of vying for dominance over Vought's corporate superhero team, The Seven, Stormfront helps Homelander deal with some negative press — and then the two get it on in a very in-depth and mind-blowing way. Since the two are superheroes, the lovemaking is atypical. There is levitation. There are laser beams coming out of eyes. There is a whole lot of literally bringing down the house.

You might think that Aya Cash felt a little weird about a superhero love scene where she plays a literal Nazi, but it turns out she felt great! The reason why Cash was more comfortable filming this particular scene compared with (vaguely) similar ones on other shows is probably not what you'd assume.

Superhero lovemaking is incredibly silly

In an exclusive interview with Gold Derby, Aya Cash was asked about her love-making scene with Antony Starr, which she confessed was definitely not on her bucket list. However, Cash qualified that, "having done it: two thumbs up, highly recommend."

If you're looking for an explanation, it's pretty simple: With all the complicated bells and whistles, the experience was simply good (albeit weird) work. "It was more comfortable than most sex scenes because there was so much technical and fight stuff," said Cash. "We're harnessed up, I'm in shorts."

Cash compared The Boys with shows that have more typical lovemaking scenes. "Sometimes, when you're just in pasties and a stick-on thong, when you do that it feels awkward," Cash confessed. "You're basically nude in front of a crew and trusting that they're going to honor your nudity rider not to show the bits they've agreed not to."

Bringing it back to The Boys, Cash had a simple word for the entire experience — silly. "On this [set] we were so fully covered and it was so silly, Cash said. "It was actually much more comfortable to do this sex scene than almost any sex scene from You're the Worst." You're the Worst is the raunchy FX sitcom, in which Cash stars opposite Chris Geere. Cash is a real authority on this subject, since she and Geere filmed a fair amount of intimate scenes together.

Homelander and Stormfront aren't that bad ... by comparison

Antony Starr, who played opposite Cash during the now-infamous scene, had some thoughts on the process himself during an interview with TV Web.

"That's probably one of the more interesting romantic things I've ever done," said Starr. "Let me put it this way: Whenever I've done a love scene in the past, I've never had to talk to the stunts team and get body armor put on and elbow and knee pads. I can say that was a whopping great first."

Like Cash, Starr has no complaints. "The parameters of this show and the scope of what we can actually get away with and what we can do in this show is just ... I don't know where the parameters are, to be honest," said Starr. "I think if we do it in the right way, we can get away with anything, and that's one of those things. Superheroes having sex in mid-air is pretty bananas."

It's worth noting that Homelander and Stormfront's lovemaking is actually among the most tame that the show has ever put on screen. Popclaw (Brittany Allen) roleplays with her landlord Alesky (Christian Bako) and literal crushes him to death after dosing on the superpower-inducing drug Compound V.

The Boys happens to bring in a character from its comic book roots named Love Sausage (Andrew Jackson), whose power is basically that he has very long, very deadly external genitalia.  And then there's The Deep (Chace Crawford). He blackmails Starlight (Erin Moriarty) into satisfying him, but then gets a kind of equally disturbing comeuppance later when his gills are violated.

Will The Boys be able to outdo the sex scenes it has put out in the world so far? We'll find out in the coming third season, which is currently set to begin filming in 2021.