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Over 20% Of People Agree That This Is The Best Avenger To Team Up With

Superheroes have been called America's mythology, their stories providing a cultural morality as far-reaching as any classic legend or fable. As such, they inspire us to ask the looming questions which might otherwise lie unexplored: What is the nature of goodness? Is redemption achievable, and by whom? Which Avenger would be the chillest hang?

That last line of inquiry provides the biggest problem. Every member of Earth's mightiest heroes has their strong points, sure, but there are problems inherent with throwing your hat in with any of them. Doctor Strange would probably be a bummer to go see Penn and Teller with, and Thor doesn't seem like he'd ever pay for beer. Rocket from Guardians is only fun if you don't have allergies. The same goes for Iron Man and his body spray.

Even more difficult is the question of which Avenger you'd want on your team in a proper donnybrook? Which MCU character would have your back during your daily run-ins with the forces of evil? That's why Looper put out a poll asking "Which Avengers character would you team up with in a fight?" 658 people from around the US answered, and just about one in five named Robert Downey Jr. as the most requested tag-team partner in Hollywood.

Iron Man fills his victims with dread, according to recent polls

With 20.06% of the vote, Iron Man was the number one pick for a potential team up. The real question, of course, is: "What sort of stuff are you dealing with on a daily basis that makes you wish you had a walking tank on your side?" Then again, he also seems like a snappy conversationalist. More than Groot, anyway.

It was a tight race. Captain America received the second largest share of the votes, pulling just shy of 19% of responses. Between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, voters were apparently drawn in by a platform of "not being super helpful post-Endgame." Third place goes to that masked menace Spider-Man, in spite of the brave, bold-faced reporting of The Daily Bugle's J. Jonah Jameson with regards to the web-head's dastardly reign of terror across the rooftops of New York. Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Thor stand in a virtual tie, each nabbing around 9% of the vote, and Doctor Strange brings up the rear with a decidedly un-magical 6%. That's the thanks you get for defending all of reality.

Write-in responses round out the total, with entries as varied as "none," "none," "never watched a Marvel movie," "none," and "Black Widow." That nobody thought to write "Stan Lee" seems like a missed opportunity.