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The Classic SNES Game That Retro Video Game Fans Agree Is A Must-Play

It's been a while since Metroid fans got to walk in the metal boots of protagonist Samus Aran. The Metroid Prime series was an incredibly successful franchise that almost never happened, and while fans eagerly await a new sequel, there's enough evidence to suggest Nintendo won't ever release Metroid Prime 4. Still, fans remain hopeful. 

In the meantime, there are plenty of games that Metroid enthusiasts can play while they wait. In fact, if you haven't played Super Metroid in a while, it may be time to dust off your Super Nintendo and enjoy a 2D adventure starring the mighty bounty hunter. 

Super Metroid is beloved by gamers everywhere. When a user asked the community on Reddit for a list of must-play classic games, guess what title made it to the top? With almost 900 upvotes, there's no denying that Super Metroid needs to be in every retro gamer's collection. Even if you don't own old-school hardware, you can enjoy this renowned classic on your Switch. No matter where you play it, Super Metroid is a must-play retro video game, and here's why.

The Magic of Super Metroid

What is it about Super Metroid that has people like David Grossman of Inverse calling it "the best-ever sci-fi platformer" or Rolling Stone's Chris Baker claiming it "defined an era and inspired a generation of game makers"?

Super Metroid puts players in a deeply immersive, open-ended world to explore. Containing incredibly atmospheric visuals and tunes layered upon masterful level design, you are constantly eager to see what's next. Samus' impressive arsenal of gear and weaponry makes her the ultimate hero to control. The game boasted such an innovative layout and design, it helped set the groundwork for a whole new genre known as "Metroidvania."

One user on Reddit compared Super Metroid to a fine wine, stating that they play it annually "just taking it all in." Another user said it is "a case study of timeless game design." Even one gamer, whose first time with the game was more than 20 years after its release, experienced "some of the most fun [they'd] ever had with a game."