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The Truth About Ninja And SypherPK's Relationship

Both Ninja and SypherPK are massive figures in the Fortnite community. The duo first partnered up in 2020 during the Fortnite Champion Series, and have since remained close collaborators. And while Ninja is known to stir up some controversy, the relationship he has with SypherPK hasn't soured.

This wasn't always the case for their fans, though. When SypherPK and Ninja announced they were going to start collaborating, Sypher's fans weren't too thrilled about the Duos partnership. Believing that Ninja's attitude when gaming would rub off on Sypher — someone who doesn't get too worked about games — fans were quick to judge the new team.

Not to worry, though: Ninja and SypherPK are still creating Fortnite content together. There haven't been any major issues in the first year of the Ninja/SypherPK team-up, but sometimes a little Fortnite salt can change things. With Ninja's expert trash-talking skills (that have totally ticked off creators like NickMercs in the past), something is bound to strike a nerve with Sypher eventually, right?

Despite whatever roasting may occur, they're still good friends

During a YouTube interview with 100 Thieves Gaming in July 2020, SypherPK was asked who of the two was the better Fortnite player. Sypher responded by saying he was more skilled than Ninja, but also acknowledged his partner's power in previous years, when he was considered one the greatest players in the world.

"At my peak I was a better Fortnite player, but at his peak he was higher up than me," Sypher explained. "Now there's thousands of kids that are way better than me because that's all they do. At the time back then, there weren't a ton of kids and Ninja was one of the greatest players in the world, and I don't think I got to that top five or top ten when he was at his peak."

In response to the interview, Ninja roasted SypherPK during a stream by poking fun at his partner's click-baity YouTube videos. Sypher posted a video of himself reacting to the banter, but he didn't seem too hurt about it. No matter what trolling may occur between the two gamers, they're still great partners who are always down to duke it out in Fortnite.