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Who The Boys Fans Think Would Win Between The Flash And A-Train

Since its arrival on Amazon Prime Video, The Boys has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of the hottest superhero properties in the world, and for good reason. Fans have come to love its bold and unconventional approach to the genre, making out the "supes" to be nothing more than corporately-funded goons who prefer to act like villains as opposed to peacekeepers. This premise becomes especially interesting once you consider that the main superhero faction on the program, the Seven, and all of its founding members, take overt inspiration from DC's far more helpful and empathetic team, the Justice League.

While both of these group's members stand on their own as unique, the similarities between them are incredibly obvious. For example, Homelander (Antony Starr) is a narcissistic and Kryptonite-free riff on Superman, Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) represents a more cynical, emotionally detached Wonder Woman, and so on. Even though their personalities are quite different, though, each member of the Seven wields near-identical powers to their respective Justice League counterpart, leading fans to wonder who would come out on top if these doppelgangers faced off against one another.

One of the most intriguing of these fantasy match-ups pits DC's the Flash against The Boys' A-Train (Jessie Usher) — two metahumans whose specialty is blink-and-you'll-miss-it speed. Their race sounds like it could go either way, but according to fans of The Boys, there's only one way it would ultimately end.

Flash would run away with the victory

Last month, Reddit user trendchaser91 posted a screenshot on r/The Boys that questioned who is the quickest between A-Train and Flash, as well as a response that joked "The Flash hands down. He uses the speed force, A Train uses drugs." 

A-Train indeed utilizes Vought International's mysterious Compound V to become the fastest man in his world, and though he's known to indulge in more than he should, those who responded to the initial post aren't so sure there's any dosage he can take that's strong enough to outrun the Scarlet Speedster.

"Lmao A-Train wouldn't even be able to see Flash. Flash is somehow faster than instant teleportation," said Redditor Foolishtrolls, sounding confident that it would be no contest. Another user, kgb725, chimed in with their thoughts and explained that no matter the medium, Flash will always take the cake. "A-Train couldn't even touch flash in the videogames or cartoons let alone flashs comic versions." This is a bold statement, especially considering how the limits of Flash's powers fluctuate across media. No two incarnations are the same, but regardless of which one shows up, A-Train still has a monumental task ahead of him.

Redditor nousabyss also added an interesting dimension to this discussion, saying "Yeah flash for sure. As much as the boys supers are kickass i feel like they are intentionally a weaker parody of the dc/ marvel heroes." This mode of thinking changes the entire debate itself — calling into question if this hypothetical race is even worth having, since A-Train is predisposed to lose against his stronger DC counterpart. 

Then again, this is all just fan banter and isn't entirely factual without those behind The Boys and the Justice League offering their insight. Nevertheless, at least in this subset of fans, it stands to reason that the Flash would run circles around A-Train...and make it look easy.