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Japanese Director Teases Sequel To Rick And Morty's Samurai Anime

Rick and Morty is one of the most creative television series, live-action or animated, currently on air. With Rick's technological know-how and ability to travel to far-off planets as well as other realities, there's an infinite number of possibilities out there for stories. Each episode present sa chance to introduce new, interesting, and hilarious challenges to the titular duo – from visiting planets that reenact The Purge to getting into fist-fights with literal gods.

With an infinite number of Ricks and Mortys in existence across various dimensions and universes, there are plenty of adventures happening outside of the main storyline of Rick and Morty, and fans get to see some of this madness in the form of various shorts. "Bushworld Adventures" and "Rick and Morty vs. Genocider" are just some of the great short films that talented artists have been behind. However, few have broken out in such a bold way as the anime short "Samurai & Shogun," which sees the scientist and his grandson in a feudal-Japan-type world as a Lone Wolf and Cub-inspired story unfolds.

A beautifully animated ninja battle with a science-fiction twist ensues, resulting in one of the bloodiest battles Rick has ever contended with, which is really saying something. If the creator of the short has his way, then this won't be the last time we see Rick and Morty in this setting. 

Kaichi Sato wants to make a sequel to his short and work on the main show

Kaichi Sato — a director of both live-action and anime films like Karas, Tiger & BunnyBlack Butler, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, and more, as well as a mecha and character designer arguably best known for The Big O – brought "Samurai & Shogun" to fruition. He's actually been making shorts for Adult Swim for a while now, but his work with Rick and Morty has gotten the most attention thus far. 

Sato recently sat down for an interview with Otaku USAduring which he talked about his previous work and hope for the future. Fans of "Samurai & Shogun" will be delighted to hear that Sato's actively working on a follow-up short. "We're currently planning a sequel to 'Samurai & Shogun.' I have a number of good ideas, so I definitely want to make them happen!" Sato told Otaku USA.

He went on to say that he hopes his future with Rick and Morty isn't confined to short films. "This is just a dream of mine, but someday I would like to participate by implementing my own ideas into the main story of Rick and Morty. As a Japanese animator, I think I'm a person who's quite on the alternative side, but going forward, I would like to work for both major and independent works, so I hope you will keep me in mind," said Sato.

Getting Sato involved with the main series would definitely add a unique artistic perspective to the show, but in the meantime, fans can at least look forward to seeing Rick wield a sword rather than sci-fi gadgets to take out bad guys. Though it's still a mystery when Rick and Morty season 5 will be released, it's safe to say plenty of wacky adventures are on the horizon.