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Why Lang's Shotgun In The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Means More Than You Realized

Contains spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5 — "Chapter 13: The Jedi"

In the Star Wars universe, the way in which projects are cast is often as exciting as the characters who appear in the show or movie. The latest episode of The Mandalorian, the live-action series streaming on Disney+, audiences were treated not only to a plethora of exciting character moments (Baby Yoda's real name is Grogu! Ahsoka Tano is insanely talented with a lightsaber!), but also to a casting choice that brought along a fun Easter egg for those with keen eyes.

In "Chapter 13: The Jedi," we are introduced to Lang, played by Michael Biehn. Lang is the right-hand man to Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto). They are both on a mission to kill Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) in order to keep her from attaining crucial information about Grand Admiral Thrawn. Lang's method of stopping Ahsoka and Mando (Pedro Pascal)? A shotgun. 

While there may not appear to be much importance to Lang using a shotgun, there's significance behind it — value that lies outside of George Lucas' galaxy far, far away. Biehn has appeared in several James Cameron films over the years, including The Abyss and The Terminator, but it was his role in Aliens, Cameron's sequel to the hit Alien film, as Corporal Dwayne Hicks that had him wielding a shotgun that looks similar to Lang's in The Mandalorian.

Michael Biehn wielded a similar shotgun in Aliens

In Aliens, Hicks carries an Ithaca Model 37 to keep "handy for close encounters." The weapon is an heirloom passed down through generations of Hicks' family. Wielding Model 37 shotguns actually seems to be a recurring trait in Biehn's roles. When he played Sgt. Kyle Reese in The Terminator, he held the weapon to defend Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). 

A few of his other film roles, like Tombstone and Navy SEALs, have also seen Biehn's characters using guns that range from a Winchester Model 1873 to an M203 grenade launcher – proving that no matter where the film takes place, if Biehn is in it, he'll likely be holding some kind of gun. 

In the latest Mandalorian episode, Lang almost gets his own close encounter with Mando, approaching him ever-so slowly until the bounty hunter tells him to stop. But it's fitting that once Lang parts with his notable weapon, placing his shotgun on the ground in an attempt to quick-draw a smaller pistol, Mando promptly shoots and kills him.

Though Biehn's character died in the show, here's hoping we can see him in another project, once again wielding his signature weapon.