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Why The Boys' Stormfront Had A Bigger Role Than You Realized

Stormfront was a dangerous and destabilizing presence throughout season 2 of The Boys, but the role she played in advancing Vought's agenda is bigger than you may realize. While the unrepentant Nazi's fanatcism isn't in line with Vought's mission to increase its bottom line through any means necessary, her work at Sage Grove may lead to advancements in stabilizing and distributing Compound V to adults. This in turn would explain why Stan Edgar was fine with letting Stormfront run her experiments, while also attempting to shift the blame to Vought.

As Reddit user misakghazaryan pointed out in their Stormfront-Vought theory, even when Stormfront is seemingly damaging the reputation of the company she works for, she's actually furthering Vought's goal of putting Compound V on the market. While she often undermines the company's authority in interviews and seemingly goes rogue in the end, as long as she's on Vought's payroll, she's still making them money.

That's why Edgar takes such a zen approach when he's talking to Homelander and Billy. Whether she likes it or not, Stormfront is just another cog in his machine, and no matter how dangerous her ideals are, her popularity makes money for Vought. And money will always be the company's top priority.

Here's why Vought likely let Stormfront's work at Sage Grove continue during The Boys season 2

Stormfront may have thought that her Sage Grove experiments were a secret, but Edgar knows everything his supes are doing, and he has plenty of reasons for allowing her work to continue. There's no doubt that Stormfront's operation at Sage Grover was morally reprehensible, and Vought doesn't appear to sympathize with her racist desire to create an all-white supe army.

But Vought is a pharmaceutical company, and if it can ultimately market Compound V to the army and potentially to average adults, as well, then Edgar will see profits and the company's stranglehold on the American economy increase. As terrifying as Stormfront's experiments are, Vought has never been worried about moral quandaries — come on, they inject babies with a drug that alters their DNA in ways that no one can really predict.

If the Sage Grove experiments can advance Compound V to a point where the chance of adults exploding upon injection is eliminated, then that is good news for the corrupt corporation, no matter what Stormfront's original intentions were. Ultimately, Stormfront is just another pawn in Edgar's long game, one that served her purpose to further Vought's agenda before being neutralized and exposed as the villain she was, while Vought regained their image as a company that only has America's best interest at heart, even if it uses questionable methods to protect the American people at times.

Stormfront would never admit that Vought used her to advance its own agenda, but in the end, her work at Sage Grove may have shaved off years of work for Vought.