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Here's Where You've Seen Lukas Gage From Euphoria Before

Fans of HBO's Emmy-winning teen drama Euphoria still have a while to wait until the show's second season (although, fans are getting some bonus episodes to tide them over). In the interim, the series is getting a bit of unexpected extra publicity thanks to actor Lukas Gage, who plays Tyler on the show. The actor recently found himself in the spotlight after a video of a director rudely dissing his apartment during a Zoom audition went viral.

On Euphoria, Gage has a relatively small, but very important part. After a fateful night at a wild party, 22-year-old Tyler finds himself as the target of a terrifying scheme perpetrated by series villain Nate (Jacob Elordi). It ends with Tyler in jail and his fate uncertain heading into season 2.

Regardless of whether or not he returns to Euphoria, Gage already has a strong résumé and what's shaping up to be a solid career ahead of him. In fact, even before you saw him in Euphoria, there's a good chance he's popped up on another TV show you've binged. Here are a few other shows and movies where you've probably seen Lukas Gage before.

Gage started his career on web series like T@gged and American Vandal

Early in his career, Gage appeared in a handful of small roles on TV shows and in short films. One of his first significant co-starring roles was on the web series T@gged. The show follows a group of teens who are terrorized by a mysterious person who keeps tagging their social media handles in disturbing videos.

For Gage, T@gged wasn't just a breakout role, it was a major learning experience. During an interview with Pop Culturalist, he said, "Just how much fun I had on that show and how much I learned from everybody ... Literally, every cast member taught me something by just watching them and hanging out with them. It was the best experience of my life."

Another significant early role for the actor was on the first season of Netflix's true crime spoof American Vandal. On the series, Gage plays Brandon Galloway, one of the many students at Hanover High School who gets wrapped up in an investigation into who has been tagging depictions of the male anatomy all over school grounds.

Gage followed those parts up with small roles on hit shows like Veronica Mars and Supergirl, so he's definitely been around the teen media block.

Gage gravitates toward horror projects

T@gged isn't the only time Gage has explored the world of horror. The actor also appeared in the waking nightmare B-movie Sleep No More, slick found-footage thriller Sickhouse, and undead comedy Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

The actor also appeared in an episode of the Hulu horror anthology series Into the Dark (everyone's got a horror anthology series these days). In the episode "Midnight Kiss," Gage plays Logan, a young gay man who finds himself on a trip to Palm Springs with his boyfriend, Joel (Scott Evans), and their friends for New Year's Eve. The vacation starts out as a euphorically fun time, but ends in a blood bath when a masked killer begins picking off the group one-by-one.

For Gage, the love of horror started at a young age. During an interview with horror fansite Grue Monkey, Gage explained, "Growing up my mom would sometimes let me miss school to watch horror movies with her all day long. She knew I hated school and we both shared a love for horror films. She introduced me to all my favorites which include: The People Under the Stairs, Candy Man, and the American and the Japanese versions of The Ring."

Gage doesn't mind being the most hated character on Love, Victor

Gage made another appearance on a Hulu original series when he guest starred on Love, Victor, an LGBTQ+ teen romantic comedy that's a loose sequel to the film Love, Simon. The show centers on Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), a high schooler whose move from Texas to Atlanta coincides with some new feelings about his sexual identity. While Victor wants to make his budding relationship with Mia (Rachel Hilson) work, he realizes that he actually has feelings for his co-worker, Benji (George Sear). And Victor's problems don't just start with the fact that he's still in the closet. Benji also already has a boyfriend, Derek, played by Gage.

In his interview with Pop Culturist, Gage acknowledged that his role as one of the main obstacles standing in the way of Victor and Benji's romance meant he wasn't going to be beloved by fans of the series. He joked, "I'm probably the most hated person on the show, understandably."

Even though he acknowledges that his character is "not the greatest boyfriend to poor sweet Benji," that doesn't mean he and Sear don't get along in real life. During a chat with Courageous Nerd, Gage was asked about working with his on-screen boyfriend to make sure their relationship felt authentic. He revealed, "I love George so much, and we immediately hit it off. And he was so open to kind of improv, and talk about their history, and make it real for each other. So, I feel really lucky that I was given such a great scene partner ... "

Whether you know him because of his viral fame, or you caught him on one of your favorite shows, you'll likely be seeing more of Lukas Gage in the future.