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The Toughest Character On Rick And Morty, According To Fans

The many parallel universes of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty are populated by a serious lineup of sci-fi toughs. With so many heroes and villains from so many possible planets and realities, it's an almost inconceivable task to attempt to name a reigning tough guy (or gal, or creature, or sentient snake ... ), but try the fanbase has, and the great minds of the Rick and Morty subreddit have come up with a consensus answer.

Could the toughest Rick and Morty character be the mysterious eyepatch enthusiast Evil Morty (voiced by Justin Roiland), the villain who launched a thousand fan theories? Or could it be Krombopulos Michael, the galaxy's most feared assassin? Or is it Snowball, the Smith family dog turned cyborg overlord of Earth C-137? There are also actual gods to consider, like the womanizing Zeus knock-off whom Rick fights Dragonball Z-style in the exosphere over their shared planetary one-night stand. Maybe it's one of two currently extant Beths (Sarah Chalke)? Or Unity, the collective intelligence? Or Tammy (Cassie Steele)? Or Phoenix Person (Dan Harmon)? Or ... you get the point. Pretty much the only character that definitely isn't the toughest is Jerry Smith (Chris Parnell).

Of course, Rick Sanchez (also Roiland) himself is the most obvious answer to this question, though several moments of profound vulnerability throughout the first four seasons may undercut his claim. Perhaps in light of his obvious emotional fragility, Reddit went in an entirely different direction with a pretty unexpected choice.

Some fans think family therapist Dr. Wong is the toughest character on Rick and Morty

In a highly confrontational Reddit post entitled, "The only badass b***h who was unphased by the man who turned himself into a pickle. To you it was the funniest s**t you've ever seen, to Dr. Wong it was just Tuesday," Redditor u/mrtunamelt drew a line in the sand: Dr. Wong, voiced by Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon, is the toughest character on Rick and Morty, full stop.

There's no denying that Dr. Wong is one badass psychotherapist. In "Pickle Rick," we learn that she's not only licensed to perform family therapy, but is also one of the world's leading specialists in treating coprophagia. In other words, she can help your dysfunctional family talk through their feelings, and provide you with the emotional tools to stop eating poop. 

Understandably, many of the comments in the thread failed to address the central assertion, but rather focused on Dr. Wong's scatological expertise. If nothing else, it takes a tough, assertive professional to convince grown men and women to discontinue consuming poop. We're inclined to agree that Wong might just be the toughest nut in all of Rick and Morty's many colorful universes.