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This Hermione Look-Alike Has The Internet Seriously Stunned

Being born is a scattershot experience, quality-wise, and you never know what you're going to pull from the genetic grab bag. Steve Buscemi, for example, grew up to look exactly like Steve Buscemi. Ella Norton, on the other hand, appears to have become roughly the same size and shape as Hermione Granger. There are worse things.

With more than 15 thousand wide-eyed fans following her on Instagram, the 17-year-old "avid bookworm and student" is turning heads thanks to her uncanny resemblance to Emma Watson — and it is remarkable. In some of her photos, like the one pictured above, Norton appears nearly identical to the movie star.

"I've been told that I resembled Emma ever since I was young," Norton told Bored Panda. "I never thought I resembled her enough to ever make something of it, but starting [an] Instagram page and sharing some photos on Reddit has proved me wrong!" She's right about that. The photo that started the hubbub, posted to Reddit, saw tens of thousands of reactions, swiftly going viral and turning Norton into an instant internet celebrity. Now, she's using her newfound fame as a platform to promote social justice issues, while also sharing her current favorite books and gaining more followers via cosplay.

Emma Watson needs to put the timeturner away

Asked by Bored Panda whether she is regularly stopped on the street by Harry Potter fans, Norton said that it happens "All the time! Usually whenever I visit large towns or cities, such as London or Oxford. I always feel so bad to let people down who genuinely think I am Emma, as I don't want to disappoint people. It's very surreal, though, experiencing even a tiny bit of what it's like for a celebrity on a daily basis."

She continued, "When I visited Oxford once, there were lots of children dressed up in Harry Potter uniform, and I was asked to take pictures with them all and sign autographs, some asking for Hermione's autograph! It was very sweet."

Skeptical? You're not alone. It's easy to assume that Norton is just some kid with a Snapchat filter racking up followers by milking the Harry Potter universe for reacts. Her pictures and videos are occasionally trolled by cynics, but generally speaking, the positivity from fans drowns it all out.

As for what's next, Norton told Reddit users that she hopes to sign on with an acting agency, and that she's gunning for jobs working as a body double for Emma Watson or possibly Kristen Stewart. Until then, she'll just have to hope that she never runs out of polyjuice potion.