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Twin Peaks Cast Open Up About Showtime Reboot

Kyle MacLachlan and the cast of Twin Peaks appear in a new teaser for the upcoming reboot series on Showtime, but in typical David Lynch fashion, it's atmospheric, a little creepy, and doesn't reveal many straight answers.

The video features interview clips mixed in with shots of the Pacific Northwest landscape of the show's setting. The new series picks up 25 years after the original ended with a cliffhanger.

"Revisiting all this territory, there's a freshness to it, there's a lightness to it," said MacLachlan, who is reprising his role as Agent Dale Cooper. "We knew it was going to be something special, we just didn't know in what form, or how."

Although nobody offers up any details about the plot, several cast members gushed about the new storyline. "In my opinion, it discovers, in a poetic way, the whole human experience," said James Marshall (James Hurley). Miguel Ferrer (FBI forensic specialist Albert Rosenfield) added "It's a big cast, it's a big story, big things happen."

Along with plenty of returning actors, the cast features more than 200 performers including Michael Cera, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Amanda Seyfried, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

There's no official release date yet, but the teaser assures us the show will debut in 2017. While we wait, check out another teaser focused on the return of composer Angelo Badalamenti and the Twin Peaks reference you might have missed in Stranger Things.