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Here's How Many Game Awards Nominations The Last Of Us 2 Received

2020 is almost over, so it's time once again to vote for your favorite games in The Game Awards. All the beloved categories are here, from Content Creator of the Year to Game of the Year, and the best of the best appear in every category. Universally praised titles such as Ghost of Tsushima, Hades, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout crop up in multiple brackets, as do more divisive titles like The Last of Us Part 2.

Whether you love it or hate it, The Last of Us Part 2 has received a ton of nominations. However, many critics leaned towards the "love it" side, which might explain why the game is going up against multiple releases in numerous categories. In fact, The Last of Us Part 2 was nominated for more awards than any other title, meaning you can probably expect it to walk away with at least one award.

The Last of Us Part 2 received 10 nominations across nine categories

The Last of Us Part 2 aims to be many things. It tries to tell a poignant story about revenge and the depths humanity will sink to for the sake of survival. It attempts to accentuate its plot with eye-wateringly beautiful visuals and a heart-tearing soundtrack. It also targets the action-adventure demographic. Whether or not The Last of Us Part 2 succeeds isn't the question, though — the real question is whether or not it does these things better than its competition. 

Since it casts such a wide net, it reeled in an equally varied number of nominations. Currently, The Last of Us Part 2 is nominated for Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, Best Score and Music, Best Audio Design, Best Performance, Innovation in Accessibility, Best Action/Adventure, and Game of the Year. In fact, the game has been nominated twice for Best Performance: once for Ashley Johnson's portrayal as Ellie, and again for Laura Bailey's role as Abby.

The Last of Us Part 2 is up against some stiff competition. It will have to fight off titles like Ghost of Tsushima and Hades for Best Narrative, Best Performance, and Game of the Year, among other categories. Still, the odds are in The Last of Us Part 2's favor simply due to the sheer number of nominations.