Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deleted Scene Reveals Unkar Plutt's Fate

The last time we saw Unkar Plutt, the junkboss of Jakku, he was shaking his fists at Rey (Daisy Ridley) and her new friends as they steal the Millennium Falcon from him in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But the first deleted scene from the upcoming Blu-Ray offers a little closure.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the previously unseen clip centered on the unsavory character played by Simon Pegg, and although it's brief, it serves as a cautionary tale to anyone thinking about messing with a Wookiee.

In the scene, Plutt drops by Maz Kanata's bar in an attempt to reclaim what he believes to be his rightful property. He confronts Rey, telling her he's going to "make her pay" for what she's done. Lucky for her, she recently found an ally in Chewbacca, and he arrives just in time to diffuse the situation.

Although that's all we get to see here, EW knows what happens next. Turns out that Chewie disarms Plutt quite literally as "a limb goes flying and lands on the gambling table." If that sounds vaguely familiar to you, it should. In the original Star Wars, Han Solo casually warns C-3PO that it's not uncommon for Wookies to "pull people's arms out of their sockets." Apparently, he wasn't kidding.

The full scene will be included on the Blu-Ray, which will be released Nov. 15. Meanwhile, check out a few more Force Awakens deleted scenes you didn't know about.