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C-3PO Actor Teases Another Disney Project For 2020 And Beyond

C-3PO is neither a Jedi nor a Sith, but that hasn't stopped the droid from becoming one of the most iconic characters in all of Star Wars

He's one of the only characters to appear in all nine films of the Skywalker Saga, and considering he made it out of The Rise of Skywalker alive, there's a chance he could appear in future films as well alongside his best buddy R2-D2. From what it looks like, fans won't have to say goodbye to the shiny gold protocol droid any time soon.

You can see C-3PO's latest exploits in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which is now airing on Disney+. In the delightful animated film, C-3PO, as well as Rey, Chewbacca, Emperor Palpatine, and so many others, go off on an adventure to celebrate Life Day. That's right. This animated holiday spoof doesn't shy away from canon established by the universally loathed Star Wars Holiday Special that came out back in 1978. However, if a recent interview with C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels is to be believed, we could see the droid return to our screens very soon. 

Anthony Daniels will appear as C-3PO in something before Christmas 2020

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Daniels is asked if there are any upcoming shows (along the lines of The Mandalorian or the future Obi-Wan Kenobi series) he would like to appear in as C-3PO. Daniels' response is an emphatic, "I would like to appear in all the new Star Wars shows," but then he goes into something far more mysterious and intriguing. 

He later states, "There is something coming up before Christmas, but I am not allowed to say anything about anything. The fact that I was in a studio some months ago is a little surprising and Disney will be cutting off my feet at any moment for even mentioning the word 'studio' and 'project.' That's for this year and who knows for next year."

It certainly sounds like Daniels isn't ready to hang up the gold robot suit just quite yet, especially considering he was working on something only a few months ago. Whatever it was, it sounds like it will be out before Christmas, and that little nugget is enough to send Star Wars fans into a frenzy trying to figure out what it is. The most exciting prospect would naturally be for C-3PO to appear in an episode of The Mandalorian. There are still five episodes of the show's second season that need to come out, and they'll continue to be released until December 18, meaning all of them come before Christmas. 

It's also possible the role Daniels is talking about isn't necessarily associated with Disney+. For all we know, he could've donned the C-3PO gear for a commercial or something. You'll just need to keep your eyes peeled to see where the droid pops up between now and Christmas.