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Over Half Of Gamers Think That This Is The Best Superhero Game Of All Time

The argument over which is the best superhero game can often be a heated one. However, a survey by SVG reveals that the debate may have been settled, and over half of survey participants have decided that Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 is the best superhero game of all-time.

The survey was conducted on YouTube, where more than 1,400 gamers partook in the survey. Of the participants, 52% selected Marvel's Spider-Man as the best superhero game. This was followed by 2011's Batman: Arkham City, which was voted the best superhero game by 35% of participants. Both were very well-reviewed upon release and are still seen as the best in the genre, according to a whopping 87% of gamers in the survey.

"Other" was selected by 8% of participants, who favored superhero games not on the survey. Meanwhile, Injustice 2 came in at fourth place with 4% of the vote, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance came in last with 2% of participants indicating it was their personal favorite superhero title.

A huge shift in trajectory

The superhero genre has gone through many ebbs and flows since the inception of video games, with plenty of bad superhero games to balance out the good ones. Still, 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum seemingly shifted the trajectory in a more positive direction. Since then, Batman: Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady followed the title up with the aforementioned Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. Moreover, Batman: The Telltale Series and the Injustice series have both been received as remarkable releases in the superhero genre.

Marvel's Spider-Man was a definitive game for both the superhero genre and Spider-Man himself, with critics praising its presentation value and smooth gameplay. Marvel's Spider-Man was recently remastered for the PS5, releasing alongside Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which has players taking on the role of rookie superhero Miles Morales. While not quite as well-received as the 2018 original, Miles Morales has been praised as a worthy sequel with an interesting story.