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The Mandalorian: How Rich Is Din Djarin?

Surviving in a gig-based economy is never easy, even if you happen to be one of the galaxy's most fearsome bounty hunters. Just ask Din Djarin (better known as Mando) from The Mandalorian. Din is basically a futuristic freelancer who lives job to job all while trying to support his bounty turned ward, The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda. In terms of wealth, the Mandalorian seems to be lacking, despite how in-demand his services are, but that actually makes sense when you think about the bigger picture of the economy that the bounty hunter is trying to survive in.

Unless something radical happens between now and the end of his quest to return Baby Yoda to the Jedi, Din is unlikely to ever be considered rich. Prior to taking on the care of his adorable Jedi power-wielding companion, Mando seemed to take on pretty much any job that came his way. And even though he went after the beings with the biggest bounties on their heads, he appeared to always be just scraping by.

We've seen that he's not overly picky when it comes to payment: So far on the show, he has accepted Imperial credits, Calamari flan, and Beskar in exchange for his services, as well as food and shelter from the small town people in need of help that he meets along the way. Din's only real concern is working and caring for Baby Yoda, but his goal has never been about acquiring money for the sake of being wealthy. Instead, his work is about his code and survival.

Why Din Djarin will never have a fortune on The Mandalorian

In 2019, The Ringer writer Michael Baumann pointed out how the fractured political system in place on The Mandalorian has fueled a bit of a market crash for people all across the galaxy. Generally speaking, the Star Wars universe has given viewers some idea of how much a credit is worth in real world terms, but in a period of political turmoil, money is the first thing to lose value. That explains why Mando is eager to accept something useful and rare like Beskar, which is used to make his armor, as payment early on in the series.

Even if the bounty hunter does have a large sum of credits stashed somewhere for safe keeping, the money's worth would vary wildly from planet to planet. And as long as Baby Yoda is in his care, staying in one place isn't an option anyway (not that he seems inclined to do so in the first place).

Showing that the struggle is real is an area where The Mandalorian excels. In the third episode of season 2, it's suggested that Baby Yoda sometimes has little to eat (hence egg-gate), and since Mando puts the youngster's well-being above his own, his situation is surely even more dire. Add in the derelict state of the Razor Crest and the dings in Mando's armor, and it becomes clear that Din doesn't have the luxury of planning for an early retirement.

But while Din Djarin may never be rich, he does have a greater purpose in the galaxy that keeps him moving from job to job, and it's safe to say that having an extra mouth to feed has kept the Mandalorian committed to that hustle life.