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The Bizarre Nebula Prop That Avengers' Karen Gillan Keeps In Her Home

Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan's perfect night in includes playing the piano, writing horror movies in her office, and... having discussions with a puppet version of Nebula? In a video interview with British Vogue, Gillan showed off her home as she shared what a typical evening looks like for her, and along the way, she revealed that she keeps a fan-made Nebula puppet in her office. And yes, she does make it talk sometimes.

The bubbly Gillan doesn't share many qualities with her murderous and vengeful Guardians of the Galaxy character. In fact, even their voices are different. The actress is Scottish, and has the accent to prove it, while Nebula speaks with a deep, slightly threatening voice with no discernible accent. That only makes seeing the star conversing with puppet Nebula all the more hilarious.

"In the Marvel movies, my character is called Nebula, and someone made me a puppet of her!" Gillan excitedly told British Vogue in the video. She then switched to Nebula's voice, saying, "And she talks like that. She has a very different voice to me."

Karen Gillan's Nebula prop is part of an awe-inspiring collection of geek memorabilia she keeps in her office

Gillan's brief exchange with puppet Nebula is just the beginning of her office tour. The actress also revealed that she has an impressive number of dolls based on characters she has played in films and on TV, including a number of figures based on Nebula and Amy Pond from Doctor Who. At one point, she showed off a set of Matryoshka dolls a Russian fan gave her that's made up entirely of characters she has played in the past.

But lest you think her fandom is limited to her own characters, Gillan also revealed that she has her very own Infinity Gauntlet, just like her movie dad, Thanos. "I have something over here," she said before disappearing from the frame. She then returned with a toy Infinity Gauntlet, which she explained "controls the universe and killed my father Thanos in the Marvel movies."

The Avengers star's geek cred isn't limited to her own projects either. She also has a piece of signed memorabilia from The Exorcist and a near mint condition Spice Girls Polaroid camera among her most prized possessions. Plus, she reveals that she had the Jumanji board game before she was cast in the movies.

The character Nebula holds a special place in Karen Gillan's heart

At 32, Gillan has played a number of iconic characters already, but she has indicated in the past that Nebula is one of her personal favorites. Over the course of the four MCU movies that the character has appeared in so far, Nebula has undergone quite the arc, transforming from a rage-filled woman on a mission to finally defeat her sister Gamora to a mostly redeemed hero in her own right. In a 2019 interview with The Los Angeles Times, Gillan explained why she loves the unexpected evolution of Nebula so much.

"I've been obsessed with her from the beginning because she's such a complex creature, but also represents a lot of human behavioral stuff that we can all relate to," she said. "I'm just so pleased that people are connecting with her. James Gunn created this character with these really clear motivations for being the way that she was, so it was easy to perceive her as a villain. But then to look at her reasons behind that, you understand her and have more empathy towards her — and then she's not so much of a villain anymore."

Is it any wonder that Gillan keeps a puppet replica of the prickly character in her office? It seems she's known her Guardians of the Galaxy character had a softer side all along.