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Why Mandalorian Fans Think Boba Fett Won't Retrieve His Armor

It was October 30, 2020. Dogs around the world howled in agony, ultrasound machines stopped working, and every pane of glass in existence shattered as the delighted squeals of nerds reached ultrasonic frequencies: Boba Fett was back, baby. Somehow, the acclaimed bounty hunter hadn't died (though not for sarlacc of trying) and was mean mugging Mando in a meaningful way.

Fett the Younger's return was made all the more dramatic by the series' reintroduction of his iconic armor, which Mando and the Child boogied off with at the end of Chapter 9. This opened up a world of thus-far-unrealized possibilities: Mando could have stuck his diminutive ward in the spare helmet for the speeder ride back to the ship, which would've been equal parts adorable and, considering how often folks crash those things, pragmatic. Unfortunately, we have yet to see Baby Yoda in a Boba bassinet.

And according to some fan theories, he's not the only one who we won't see donning the imposing beskar armor. Across Reddit, viewers are speculating that Boba himself won't be gunning for his old duds any time soon. The reason is more alien to Star Wars fans than any space monster or little green man: He's just not that obsessed with Mandalorians.

Could Boba get a new look on The Mandalorian?

Posting to Reddit's /r/StarWarsSpeculation forum, fans of the series shared their theories: "I think Boba is letting go of elements of his past and will let his old armor go," wrote one user. "I think his new armor he will eventually adopt will be his concept art one," referencing the outfit (pictured above) designed by legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.

Another user chimed in with their take on a world where Boba Fett rocks a casual Friday look, writing "I'm hoping there's at least a bit of exploring the complicated feelings Boba might have about his origins, the armor, and Mandalorians in general." There would certainly be plenty to draw from — the enigmatic bounty hunter has starred in since-decanonized books, comics, and video games in the years since his introduction. As a clone, his place in Mandalorian society has always been questionable. Maybe years of living like a man without a country finally wore the poor guy down, and he doesn't want anything to do with his cultural heritage.

While these are all compelling takes on the character, it's difficult to imagine that the powers that be would bring Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison back into the Star Wars fold and then not suit him up in his Sunday best. Making fans wait four decades to see a favorite character again, and then chucking his most memorable accoutrement is the sort of expectation subversion that got Rian Johnson in a pickle. We'll have a better idea of what's to come for the sarlacc's least digestible snack as The Mandalorian's second season continues.