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The Spencer Reid Scenes Criminal Minds Fans Can't Stop Rewatching

As with any character on a 15-season show, Criminal Minds' analytical prodigy Dr. Spencer Reid has been through a lot. Between the many traumatic events he's faced, he's changed and grown, and fans adored him through it all. Now, since the series has ended, there are a few moments that fans keep coming back to when they need their Spencer Reid fix.

Played charmingly by Matthew Gray Gubler, Reid is a fan favorite and staple of Criminal Minds. He boasts one of the show's most memorable lines and he's the only character to appear in every episode, with lovable Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) a close second. As a member of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, Reid generally fills the role of genius-level human computer and is available to answer nearly every random question thrown at him. At the start of the series, he's fairly new to working in the field, but by the end he's a seasoned agent — if more than a little traumatized.

Between being kidnapped and tortured, watching the death of his love interest, and being shot in the neck, it's prison that really seems to change him. In season 12, Reid is framed for murder and spends a while locked up. Many fans didn't like this plotline, as it just added to an already long list of depressing circumstances for Reid. However, they did like how it affected his character in later seasons.

Fans really love when Reid protects his teammates

While working a case with forensic psychologist Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) in the season 14 episode "Hamelin," Reid smoothly manhandles a suspect onto a picnic table after the man pushes Lewis. They slap some cuffs on him and the situation is easily handled by the now prison-hardened Reid. Many seasons ago, he'd never have done that. Redditor u/Supakmeraklija posted a clip of this scene, remarking on how Reid has learned from his old teammates Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Hotch (Thomas Gibson). "That was hot," they added as a side note.

They also posted a clip from the end of the same season when Reid and JJ (A.J. Cook) are both held captive. Reid breaks through his duct tape bonds and saves JJ from imminent death by shooting their assailant with a gun hidden in his sock.

It seems the original poster's side note really resonated with a few fans. User u/Genderfluid_smolbean commented: "I just love it when Spencer gets all "I'm not gonna take any of your bullsh**" and is all alpha. Like, he is definitely a sweet bean who must be protected, but every so often he becomes the alpha bean that will protect you, and I just can't."

The aptly named u/ReidsMyFavorite added, "Reid always had that protective thing going on when it came to his teammates, but it was much more pronounced after he got out of prison. And I also agree, Reid going all alpha-protector is particularly hot, because it's unexpected. I watch those scenes a lot, is that wrong?"

No, user u/ReidsMyFavorite, it is not wrong.