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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Trailer Takes Alice Home

They say you can't go home again, but when home is where an evil corporation is plotting the end of humanity, sometimes you have to go back.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson and the cast of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter premiered the official trailer at New York Comic Con, and it promises that the movie will take Alice (Milla Jovovich) back to where it all began in Raccoon City. If you don't believe us, let Axl Rose tell you in the trailer above.

It's the sixth installment of the franchise based on the hugely popular Resident Evil video game series, and it picks up immediately after the events of 2012's Resident Evil: Retribution. According to the official synopsis, Alice must join with old and new friends to save humanity from total annihilation.

Deadline reports that Anderson confirmed this will be the end of Alice's story during the panel. "This is the conclusion," he said. "We're bringing it full circle."

He also said the movie will answer "all the questions that have been hanging over the franchise," and revealed that it will return to the video game's often horrifying tone. "[The Final Chapter] alternates between some big, kick-ass action scenes and also some of the most terrifying things I've put on the screen in my career."

Jovovich also said during the panel that she's proud of the role the Resident Evil movies played in the current zombie craze. "When we did Resident Evil 1, no one would touch a zombie," she said. "And to see how people have embraced the undead since 2001, 2002, it's beautiful how it's opened up."

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits theaters Jan. 27, 2017. While we wait, check out how close we came to seeing a Resident Evil flick directed by Night of the Living Dead director George Romero.