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What Frenchie Really Said In French On The Boys Season 2, Episode 1

The Boys recently wrapped its second season, and once you watch that final scene, you'll want to go back to see everything you missed the first time around. 

There are plenty of small details sprinkled throughout the season from ads on the subway to quick, blink-and-you'll-miss-it references in dialogue. The series has such intricate production design that you can always find something new that gives you a hint at the absurd world these characters live in. Plus, if you go back to rewatch season 2, then you may remember a certain scene where a compatriot of Frenchie (Tomer Capon) arrives at their secret hideout with some confidential information. The only problem (for viewers at least) is that their entire conversation is in French, and the show doesn't provide subtitles for what exactly they're saying. 

While you kind of get the gist of what they're saying, die-hard The Boys fans may want to know precisely what conversation went down between the two characters. Wonder no more! Thanks to Redditor u/CptRenko, we now know what the two said to each other. 

The man describes a Supe attack to Frenchie

In episode 1 of season 2, we learn how Frenchie has a bit of a side hustle going on. He's been working with some shady characters who (unbeknownst to Frenchie) have engaged in human trafficking. One of the people the guys have brought into the United States is a Supe, and later, we learn that this individual, Kenji (Abraham Lim), is actually Kimiko's (Karen Fukuhara) brother. A couple of the guys involved in this little operation, one of whom is seriously injured, show up at the Boys' secret basement hideout. Frenchie and the man who isn't hurt have a conversation in French, but for those of you who took Spanish in high school, here's what they said in English. 

Frenchie: You must bring him to the hospital!

Man: No, no we can't! They're gonna call the police!

Frenchie: But he wasn't shot! Tell them it was an accident!

Man: No hospital, tell him to help Louie!

Frenchie: What happened?

Man: Mind your f***ing business.

Frenchie: You were on the docks? What the f*** did you do?

Man: We were paid to smuggle the Supe, okay? But he went crazy, and he hurt Louie.

Later, they watch video footage of everything that went down at the docks earlier that evening, confirming that a Supe terrorist has indeed breached U.S. soil, and that pretty much explains why the show didn't include subtitles for the conversation. If we knew what they were saying, then the big reveal wouldn't have been as impactful. After all, it's much more daunting to see the Supe lift a boat out of the water to show what kind of danger the Boys could be in. 

While you can rewatch the first two seasons of The Boys for now, keep your eyes peeled for when an official release date for season 3 gets announced.