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The Criminal Minds Character That Fans Can't Agree On

Although she joined the team a little late and was gone for a few seasons after she was written off the show for seemingly suspicious reasons, Behavioral Analysis Unit agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is one of Criminal Minds' most well-known characters. The polyglot and expert criminal profiler transferred to the BAU under a cloud of suspicion, but quickly became an irreplaceable part of the team thanks to her determination and talent for cracking open the minds of unsubs. Throughout her run on the show, she faced off against IRA terrorists, got kidnapped by a cult, and even faked her own death.

On paper, Prentiss' accomplishments are impressive, to say the least. However, just because she's a long-running character with a laudable track record, doesn't mean every Criminal Minds fan is enamored with her. While some characters have gigantic fanbases (looking at you, Spencer Reid), and others like Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini) have barely any supporters, Prentiss has gotten a much more divided reception. Some fans think she's one of the best characters the series offered up, and others don't see what the hype is all about.

Even though the show ended with its 15th season, the Criminal Minds subreddit is still alive with discussion about the show and its characters. There are many threads dedicated to why fans do or do not love Prentiss, and both sides make some compelling arguments. We're going to break down exactly why fans can't agree on this Criminal Minds character.

Some Criminal Minds fans don't see anything special in Prentiss...

Let's start with the bad news: not everyone is a big Prentiss fan. While there are some viewers who harbor an irrational dislike for the character, some people who don't love Prentiss have a genuine argument to make. For many of those fans, a lot of their dislike for the character comes down to the fact that they just don't see much there.

Reddit user briannakise started a thread titled "Am I the only one who has never liked Emily?" to discuss what about the character doesn't do it for them. They explained, "I mean she just seems like a generally bland character as far as her tone and the way she carries herself... Maybe I'm just shunning her out but I just am generally disinterested in her character and have been since I first saw the show."

A feeling of blandness is frequently cited by those who aren't fans of the character. User forca89barca said, "I don't dislike her by any means but I don't understand why everyone here seems to be obsessed with her. I don't see anything special about her character."

Many Prentiss defenders argue that the character is one that grows on viewers over time, but not everybody is convinced. In a separate thread about Prentiss, user cgrapperhaus responded to that sentiment by saying, "I've seen the show many times and she never really grew on me lol. I kinda tolerate her character bc I love [Criminal Minds] so much."

While even many non-Prentiss fans don't think she's outright terrible, there's still a pretty sizable contingent for whom the character just doesn't excite them the way she does others.

...while others grew to love the character

While Prentiss' detractors don't see much to love in the character, her fans feel that she just has it. Whether it's the intensity that she brings to her investigations or the way her fascinating backstory reveals itself over time, they see something in her that the other side does not.

User Sloan430 jumped into a thread titled "Am I the only one who has never liked Emily?" to defend one of their favs. For them, Prentiss' has it all: "I don't know-To me, she was just the total package; badass but smart, kind, great profiler, spoke several languages... everything I wish I was!"

For user muevelos, once they spent enough time with Prentiss, it was hard to imagine the show without her. They also jumped into a thread hostile to Prentiss to say, "Her backstory comes later on. Give it time. She's an anchor to the show IMO. Show feels way different without her present."

Another Reddit user was fed up with people questioning Prentiss' greatness. Igbakan started a thread to launch an impassioned defense of the character in which they wrote, "I see watchers call her cold or a b****. It's like I'm sorry have you helped wrangle up international terrorists? Do you speak multiple languages fluently? Have you even lived?"

They went on to declare, "Honestly. Emily Prentiss is amazing. She's a damn good agent. A damn good leader. A damn good team member. An amazing friend."

Like many great conflicts throughout history, it's hard to imagine Prentiss fans and haters ever being able to meet in the middle. But, at the end of the day, whether people are talking about loving or being bored by her, Prentiss stays on the lips of Criminal Minds fans.