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New Westworld Trailer Teases More Twists In Season 1

If you haven't watched the season premiere of HBO's Westworld, you're missing out on one of the most promising and intriguing sci-fi series in years. But if you have watched it, you probably have more questions than answers at this point.

HBO unveiled a trailer for what's to come in the rest of Season 1, and it confirms that nobody is quite who they seem to be in the dystopian thriller. While the season premiere, "The Original," established the unsettling tone and complex characters including Evan Rachel Wood's confused Dolores Abernathy and Anthony Hopkins' conflicted Dr. Robert Ford, the teaser offers a few twists and turns to watch for in the ensuing episodes.

We get our first long look at dubious new guest William (Jimmi Simpson), a glimpse into the disturbing plan of the Man in Black (Ed Harris), and a significant reveal about Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton). HBO also shared the beautifully cinematic opening credits.

Check out the trailer above and find out why Westworld tops our list of new TV shows we're excited about this fall.