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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Teaser Revealed

After six years of still waters, Disney released the first teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Although both Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) will appear in the upcoming fifth installment of the franchise (Bloom sat out 2011's On Stranger Tides), you won't spot them in the trailer. Instead, we meet a few of the new characters, including the strangely polite villain Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) and young Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites). Although not confirmed, MoviePilot reports Thwaites' character is the son of Bloom's.

The sequel will also feature the return of Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) along with the introduction of an aspiring astronomer named Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario). Keira Knightley won't reprise her role of Elizabeth Swan in the film.

According to MoviePilot, Dead Men Tell No Tales will be a return to the tone of 2003's The Curse of the Black Pearl, and the plot will follow Sparrow as he hunts down the mythical Trident of Poseidon in order to protect himself from Salazar, who blames Sparrow for the death of his brother.

The movie is expected in theaters May 26, 2017. Meanwhile, check out how a cowboy accidentally made it into the final cut of The Curse of the Black Pearl.