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Who Drank Terri's Apple Juice In Barbershop?

It's been nearly 20 years since the release of Barbershop, and while the haircutting classic spawned two sequels and helped propel its star, Ice Cube, further up on the A-list, one mystery remains unsolved: Who drank Terri's apple juice?

In one of the most memorable scenes from the 2002 film, Terri (played by Eve), arrives at the shop, already in a bad mood. She walks to the backroom, opens the refrigerator and discovers her jar of apple juice is emptier than before. Someone drank from it. Terri then storms out of the backroom and confronts everyone in the shop, only to be told by Calvin (played by Ice Cube) to "stop cussing."

"I put a big red sign that said 'do not drink me,'" Terri tells everyone. Isaac (played by Troy Garity) suggests that maybe nobody drank it, and that "maybe it evaporated." This further infuriates Terri, who then threatens to slap Isaac. Still, nobody confesses — until Ricky (played by Michael Ealy) accuses the often pretentious Jimmy (played by Sean Patrick Thomas) of drinking it. Jimmy then asks Ricky if he had "ocular proof," causing the two to nearly come to blows and forcing Calvin to step in play mediator.

The Barbershop DVD solves the apple juice mystery

After all that, the actual culprit isn't revealed. Later in the film, Terri even buys a new bottle of apple juice. Still believing Jimmy drank it, Terri looks at him and says, "Have some respect and decency for other people's stuff." She reminds everyone not to touch it or "there will be repercussions."

Regular viewers of the film never had a chance to solve the apple juice mystery. But if you're an owner of the Barbershop DVD, you have the answer. IMDB trivia – along with the responses to a Netflix Twitter thread from mid-September 2020 — confirm that in one of the DVD's deleted scenes, Eddie (played by Cedric the Entertainer) is the one who did the deed. Eddie, the character who loves to pontificate most, stays mostly quiet during the apple juice confrontation scene — and now we know why. 

If there's one lesson we can learn from all of this, it's this: Don't ever drink someone else's apple juice.