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The Walking Dead Minor Character That Fans Are Calling Immortal

The Walking Dead has seen its fair share of characters killed off since the show began ten seasons ago. Countless extras have fallen at the hands of enemies or the teeth of hungry walkers. Characters important to the story arc have died, as well. Rick's wife and mother to the Grimes children, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), died during childbirth. Andrea (Laurie Holden) was killed by the Governor's assistant-turned-walker with a fatal bite. There's a whole graveyard filled with The Walking Dead characters' tombstones somewhere, but we're not going to list them all just in case you haven't made it that far into the series. Needless to say, the franchise's exceedingly high body count has inspired much fan discussion — and a few unlikely observations.

With the way the characters die to advance the plot, fans find it insane that one minor character has outlived his more important zombie-battling peers this far into the series. There's only one logical explanation (if you ask the fans anyway): The minor character Scott (Kenric Green) must be immortal.

The immortal Scott

Scott, played by Kenric Green, was introduced to the show in the sixth season — and he's still kicking. That puts this minor character's life expectancy on par with some of The Walking Dead's most important principals. It's a pretty big feat for a character who isn't important enough to merit any modicum of backstory, but he's become a background fixture in the series, nonetheless.

Having survived numerous run-ins with walkers, the Saviors, scavengers, and Whisperers, Scott seems pretty bulletproof. Granted, in season 6, Scott is shot in the leg by accident, while the group is trying to put down the walkers at the quarry. He's almost killed by walkers but manages to survive. From there he goes on to spend several episodes in the hospital, but makes a full recovery by the end of the season. Why should Scott be so lucky when major characters have met their end for less?

When a TWD Redditor posed the question, "What is a small minor character that you absolutely do not wan't to die?" one user (Junior-Road1372) responded, "Scott, but that guy is immortal already," bringing Scott's mortality into question.

"I'm honestly surprised he's still alive with how much this show loves killing background characters like flies," user 2Lazy2changePassword commented.

Another user pointed out that the character's name is listed following the show's title sequence. We couldn't find it anywhere, but it gave u/UberDanz hope that Scott might gain a more important role in the future of the show. "He's also listed after the titles now too, so fingers crossed he gets more to do. It'd be great to see him live, mostly because he's one of the first Alexandrian's so would be free to see him last until the very end," UberDanz commented. 

Who knows, maybe Scott will even get his own video game or spin-off series. At the rate the franchise is expanding, we wouldn't be surprised.