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Jon Favreau And Pedro Pascal Weigh In On Possibility Of A Mandalorian Movie

When the first season of Disney and Lucasfilm's Star Wars series The Mandalorian premiered in November of 2019, it became an instant hit that brought the Disney+ subscriber count to 24 million by the end of that month, according to IndieWire. Thanks in no small part to the adorability of Baby Yoda, the show's viewership grew even more over the next year. Naturally, production hit a bit of a damper when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world earlier this year, but the team managed to finish the second season of the space western and stay on track for season 3 anyway.

The show's popularity seems to be a perfect contrast to that of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which came out a month later and saw its box office numbers drop over 90% within four weeks of the film's opening weekend high, as Forbes records. With the storyline behind The Mandalorian being more popular than the final film in the original Star Wars saga, will we ever see a Mandalorian movie? Show creator Jon Favreau and star Pedro Pascal have some thoughts on the subject.

Jon Favreau weighs in on a Mandalorian movie

Variety spoke to The Mandalorian show creator Jon Favreau in September 2020 about the potential growth of the show. "As we're meeting new characters, and as we're starting to hit our stride, from a production standpoint with how this technology can be used, we are beginning to explore where we could go," Favreau told Variety. "And we could start to expand what we're doing and our ambitions about what characters we want to follow." With that statement, he gave fans a gleam of hope that there might be more Mando in the works beyond a third season.

Favreau followed up with Variety again in October. When asked if he believed The Mandalorian would eventually be more significantly tied to the greater Star Wars universe, Favreau responded, "Things that you would have only seen in the movie theater, you're seeing on streaming, and I think it could go the other way as well." Favreau did say that he isn't in any sort of hurry to take the story beyond the series, but that he's "definitely open to it" as a possibility in the future.

Mando himself on a big-screen future

We know there's already a possibility of expansion within The Mandalorian's corner of the Star Wars universe, thanks to a statement from Disney's former CEO, Bob Iger, back in February. Iger said we'll see "the possibility of infusing [The Mandalorian] with more characters and the possibility of taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series" across future seasons of the show, according to Variety.

When Variety asked the former Game of Thrones actor and current star of The Mandalorian Pedro Pascal what he thought about a potential film spun-off from the series, the actor said he would "love" to make that movie, but he hadn't heard about anything officially under consideration at the time. With the star's love, the fans' love, and the upper echelons hinting at potential expansion, there might certainly come a day where we see the helmeted bounty hunter on the big screen. Until then, we'll have to keep up on our Disney+ subscriptions.