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The Fight We Never Saw In The Harry Potter Movies

While the Harry Potter films are loaded with memorable moments and disturbing realizations, it's impossible to convert every scene from the books, however notable, onto the silver screen. There are just too many! 

Unfortunately, there's one fight scene involving Dolores Umbridge, Rubeus Hagrid, and Professor McGonagall that never made the great leap into the movie franchise.

In chapter 31 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, entitled "O.W.L.s," as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger are busy taking their Astronomy O.W.L. exam, Umbridge — joined by five Aurors for backup — travels to Hagrid's cabin to sack him. Originally a Ministry of Magic-appointed teacher, Umbridge attained more power over time, rising to become the Hogwarts High Inquisitor, a position aimed at removing unsatisfactory teachers who remained loyal to Dumbledore and those she just didn't like. Umbridge harbors a hatred for half-breeds, and since Hagrid is a half-giant, he fits the bill.

Hagrid gets furious after Umbridge hurts Fang

A loud bang gets the students' attention from the Astronomy tower, and they spot the attackers firing stunning spells at Hagrid in an attempt to subdue him. But Hagrid fights back and refuses to be taken in. Adding to the intensity of the fight, his over-sized pet boarhound (otherwise known as a Great Dane) Fang leaps in to attack the wizards, but is stunned in the process.

Hagrid yells when seeing Fang hurt, lifts the Auror who stunned his beloved pet, and throws him to the ground. He did not get up again. Rarely do the characters or readers of the Harry Potter franchise ever see Hagrid this angry.

Professor McGonagall then sprints to the battle telling Umbridge and the Aurors they have no right to attack Hagrid, since he had done nothing wrong. From the Astronomy tower, the students, now looking through telescopes, are horrified at what they are about to see. 

Professor McGonagall gets stunned

The Aurors respond by stunning McGonagall. Hagrid, now in a full rage, calls Umbridge and her goons "COWARDS! RUDDY COWARDS!" and runs away with Fang hung around his neck. Umbridge insists that her last Auror continue to fight, but his reluctance allows Hagrid to escape. Umbridge sends one final stunning spell at Hagrid, but misses.   McGonagall, who suffers severe injuries, is sent to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries — leaving no obstacles left to Umbridge, who's now free to take control of Hogwarts, which she does. 

The fight scene is full of action, surprise, and characters we rarely see battle in the franchise. Though it may not have fit in the film version of The Order of the Phoenix, which hit theaters in 2007, it's one that fans would have loved to see. Who wouldn't want to witness the beloved Hagrid take on the universally loathed Umbridge? Well, at least we'll have always have the book.