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The Strain Will End After Season 4 On FX

We've got good news and bad news for fans of The Strain.

Variety reports that FX renewed the gritty vampire series for a fourth season in 2017, but the network also revealed it will be the show's last.

The series in the middle of its third season, and bringing the show to a close was reportedly a creative decision by showrunner Carlton Cuse and producers Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

Cuse released a statement saying the show had actually run longer than intended. "Our original plan was for the series to last three years," he said. "Once we began telling that story, it expanded to be more. After finishing the writing on Season 3, Guillermo, Chuck, and I looked at our remaining story and felt the best version could be told in one more season. We have a fantastic plan for an exciting and climatic Season 4. We are deeply grateful to FX for supporting our vision and for allowing us to end the show on our own timetable."

Based on the best-selling trilogy of novels by Del Toro and Hogan, The Strain debuted on FX in July 2014 and stars Corey Stoll.

FX released this statement: "We sincerely thank Carlton Cuse, Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan and their creative team as well as the fantastic cast for three exciting seasons of The Strain. Though we're sad to see it go, we fully support the way in which they are crafting the fourth season's dramatic conclusion."

The Season 3 finale will air Oct. 30, but no word just yet on when the fourth and final season will premiere.