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What Futurama Fans Noticed About Bender's Love Interests

Futurama has gone through plenty of ups, downs, and cancellations over the years. Keeping track of on which network to find the show, as well as whether it's making new episodes, is about as confusing as figuring out how Fry can be his own grandfather. Still, the futuristic sitcom about a pizza delivery boy transported to the year 3000 as he goes on various adventures around the galaxy has continued to hold a special place in science fiction fans' hearts. 

When it comes to romantic entanglements, much of the attention on the show went to the "Will they-won't they" status of the relationship between Fry (Billy West) and Leela (Katey Sagal). But Bender (John DiMaggio), party animal that he is, also had his fair share of romances, from robotic floozies to the Planet Express ship. 

Bender doesn't seem to be picky regarding the fembots with which he hooks up. He even has a kid with Bev the vending machine named Ben, who's seen in one episode and then promptly forgotten, making his fate one of the biggest unanswered questions on the series. If Redditor u/Stucklikegluetomyfry is to be believed, however there's one thing all of Bender's love interests have in common throughout the show. 

All of Bender's love interests are animated differently than other fembots

Plenty of fembots appear throughout Futurama. There are minuscule variations here and there, but they all more or less look like female robot versions of Bender. When it comes to the fembots with which Bender gets busy, they all have noteworthy features to make them stand out. The first example of this is The Countess on the episode "A Flight to Remember." Her motions are much more fluid compared with those of other robots on the show, and she has round pupils in lieu of square ones, which is often the case for the robot characters.

In "Bendless Love," Bender falls in love with Angelyne, a busty fembot who's one of the only robots on the series who's shown to change clothes. Of course, if we want to take things as far out there as possible, you don't get much different in terms of design than the Planet Express Ship, and Bender hooked up with said ship on "Love and Rocket." 

Bender really started to push his luck by having an affair with Fanny, the Donbot's wife. In addition to having a design that includes what looks like hair on her head, she also has a notable fan on her... fanny. Bender kept it in the family by then getting with Fanny's daughter Bella on "The Silence of the Clamps." Bella has a distinct bell shape to her body, and even comes complete with a ringing bell that sounds every time she walks.

So ,what's the deal with Bender's eclectic taste in fembots? It does make sense for Bender, being the self-aggrandizing lothario he is, to only want the best. He probably thinks most fembots are a dime a dozen, and he wants to get with bots that stand out. 

When Futurama wasn't making you cry, it provided years of some of the smartest humor on television, and you can stream every episode now on Hulu.