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Where Is The Walking Dead Filmed?

Walkers have been ambling around since The Walking Dead aired its first episode in 2010, and widespread zombie obsession hit a peak it hadn't seen before. From then on, a new zombie apocalypse fad was kicked off, and it seemed like people wanted to step into the Walking Dead's world as much as possible, in real life: soon enough, people were cosplaying as the badass characters on the show, stocking up on survival gear, and discussing their zombie apocalypse survival techniques. 

In the meantime, the original series has been successful enough to spawn spin-offs — including the upcoming show starring fan-favorites Daryl and Carol — and countless merchandise. Throughout these years, the characters on the show have been forced to move from home to home, always finding their sanctuaries threatened by either the hands of walkers or big mean jerks with guns. The memories of these places, particularly the sinister ones like Terminus, linger with fans in their nightmares to this day. Thanks, jump scares, we love you too. 

Where are these places in real life, though? Just like the majority of The Walking Dead has been set in Georgia, all of the most famous locations from the show can be found in the Peach State, as well. What's even better is that, if you want, you can visit the town where most of the show has been filmed ... but don't expect any real-life zombies.

Senoia is a town that embraces its walkers

Parts of The Walking Dead have been filmed in several different locations. Much of the first and second season were filmed in Atlanta, but the primary filming location, for the overall series, is a small town about an hour's drive south of the Georgia state capital, named Senoia. This town, according to The TV Traveler, houses most of the fan-favorite locations from the show ... and yes, that includes the rooftop where Carl sat to eat his monstrous can of chocolate pudding.

Many shows are shot in a studio, because they only require a handful of locations, but The Walking Dead is a little different: The characters constantly cover broad areas on foot and, almost as often, are forced to leave the comfort of a safe place they've barely been at long enough to know where to find the bathroom. So, the production picks suitable locations, usually from around Senoia, for whatever scenery the newest trouble requires. Downtown Senoia would look familiar to you if you watched season 3, for instance, because it was used as the town of Woodbury. The train tracks running through town will send shivers down your spine as you remember the cannibalistic "safe haven" of Terminus. Another part of the town makes up Alexandria, as TV Guide reports.

Today, it seems that Senoia embraces the show. It's become part of the aesthetic, via tours, merchandise, and businesses, as seen on Roadside America. One of the biggest new Walking Dead-inspired businesses, of course, is the restaurant known as Nic & Normans. Why? Because it's owned by none other than "Daryl" actor Norman Reedus, and Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero. So next time you're in Georgia, grab an order of Sloppy Norman's Sliders, and dig in!