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The Absolute Worst Thing Sailor Moon Has Ever Done

Dialogue can change a show, and Sailor Moon was two completely different shows depending on in what language you watched it. Once the show made it over to the States and was dubbed in English, weird things happened, like the sailor cousins who were clearly lovers, but couldn't be portrayed that way for a US that wasn't ready to handle that. The only things American fans wanted to see were the Sailor Scouts kicking some bad-guy butt and Tuxedo Mask playing the part of the damsel in distress. The show was mainly marketed towards teens, so it couldn't be too edgy, right?

Sailor Moon (Usagi) definitely had some problems, but you would, too, if you were constantly fighting villains while trying to peacefully attend middle school. She's been known to have poor body image and to get tanked at parties, all while dating a college student. There was even a time she almost started what could've been an apocalypse when she was tricked into giving the power of the Holy Grail to Mistress 9. But all those things could be explained away as very human mistakes or necessary story devices. Her relationship with her daughter, Chibiusa, on the other hand, can't be explained in any way that isn't absolutely messed up.

Sailor Moon viewed her daughter as her romantic rival

Sailor Moon didn't get pregnant and have a baby on the show, or anything. She was only in middle school and, surprisingly, that wasn't a line they were willing to cross even if she was dating a college predator. The college guy she was dating was Mamoru, who was also Tuxedo Mask, who was also Chibiusa's father. Chibiusa was born several centuries in the future, but came back to her parents' adolescent years to save her mother's life — and, apparently, to fawn awkwardly over her biological father.

The relationship was weird between Usagi and Chibiusa. Usagi knew Chibiusa was her daughter, but because of the awkward, and sometimes creepy, way Chibiusa couldn't leave Mamoru alone, Usagi considered her a romantic rival, too. She'd cause arguments over the slightest thing, like when Usagi was caught talking to Mamoru on the phone, some of them ending in yelling matches. Some fans think the odd behavior was simply because of a bond Chibiusa shared with the future Mamoru, but that doesn't make Usagi's response any better. Usagi being jealous of Chibiusa hogging Mamoru's time is still bad mothering. To be fair, all suspicion was confirmed about Chibiusa's awkward behavior when the dark version of Chibiusa kissed her father in Sailor Moon Crystal ... twice. Instead of acting jealous, Usagi should be finding the poor girl a good therapist.