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The Truth About Lamorne Morris' Surprising Nickname - Exclusive

Lamorne Morris may be a comedic actor, but as time goes on, he's also added to his comedic repertoire by becoming incredibly fit. Watch this man's trajectory over the last decade from New Girl to Woke, and you will see a cinnamon roll become pretty buff, honestly.

Lamorne Morris may have gotten in shape and even starred in the Vin Diesel comic book actioner Bloodshot, but that doesn't mean that his former nickname doesn't still apply. "What's Lamorne Morris' nickname?" you may ask. Well, the answer was first revealed back in 2017, during an interview with Larry King.

That nickname? Porcelain. Why is Lamorne Morris called porcelain? The reason is because the actor, at least in the past, was kind of fragile. Is he still like so much Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass? During Looper's recent chat with Morris, we asked the man himself to be honest about whether or not the moniker still applies.

Lamorne Morris gets a new nickname

"Yeah, that was my real nickname," Morris admits. "I am very, very delicate. I'm not going to lie, I'm a very fragile piece of art."

Woke is a challenging show. Not to sideline these good times where we joke about an actor's fragility, but playing Keef Knight (who is based on the real life cartoonist Keith Knight) requires Lamorne Morris to engage head-on with the physical and psychological trauma of racial profiling. In the first episode of Woke, Keef is profiled by the police, force to the ground, and assaulted.

Thankfully, Lamorne was not injured during any of the series' emotionally challenging scenes. However, he does look back with a wince on a scene from a later episode, in which Keef has to face off against a person in a koala suit. The funniest part of that koala scene is who is really in the suit: the real life Keith Knight. 

As pertains to Lamorne "Porcelain" Morris, the fight between cartoonist and actor-playing-cartoonist had a clear victor. "[Keith's] aim was so off when he was trying to punch me and it was a whole thing," Morris reveals. "There was the whole koala beating me up and Keith was the one trying to do it. His aim was so off, though. No, I didn't really get hurt."

Something traumatic did happen, though. "I definitely wet my pants, but let me explain," Morris says. "It was raining outside, we had to shoot that last bit and I'm laying on the cold ground. And I stand up and it just looked like I peed myself from behind. But that's what it looked like, it looked like I had a big wet spot in the back of my pants. But that's what I mean by I wet my pants."

Lamorne "Pee Pants" Morris stars on Woke, now streaming on Hulu.