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The Office: Things You Forgot Happened In Michael's Office

Ah, The Office. It's one of the greatest comedy shows of all time. Even years after it ended, fans continue to reference the series and rewatch it any chance they get (unless it's the super cringey episode Scott's Tots, of course). It's one of the shows that you reminisce about with friends, the kind where you remind one another of the little moments and laugh all over again. That's one of the reasons why The Office is so great. It has so many episodes, and each one has so many great scenes that you often forget about little details.

What may surprise you, though, is how many of those forgotten moments happen inside Michael's office. Sometimes, it's quick, subtle dialogue that's easy to miss. Occasionally, it's because the scene gets overshadowed by a more memorable moment. And sometimes, it's because the scene happened so early in the show that it just slipped your mind. Either way, sit back, relax, and enjoy these moments you forgot about that happened in Michael's office.

Jim put Michael's mug in jello

One of the ongoing threads in The Office is Jim's elaborate pranks on Dwight, which includes pretending to be a vampire, convincing Dwight he's being recruited for the CIA, and gift-wrapping Dwight's desk. But perhaps the most famous prank is putting Dwight's stapler in jello. However, this moment overshadows a forgotten prank that Jim pulled on Michael — putting his beloved coffee mug in jello.

In The Office's pilot episode, Michael introduces the new temp, Ryan, to all the office workers. The two make their way to Dwight, and it's at this moment Dwight discovers his stapler was put in jello. Dwight is furious and demands Michael reprimand Jim, which essentially amounts to Michael giving a half-hearted speech about not taking pranks too far. In response, Jim does the only logical thing. He takes Michael's favorite mug, which reads "World's Best Boss," and puts it in jello. Classic Jim.

Michael pretends to fire Pam

We all forgot this scene for good reason. It's heart-wrenching and painfully awkward so we basically decided as a collective fanbase to block it from our memory. In the pilot episode, Michael is trying to impress Ryan by acting like a cool, hip boss who has fun with his employees. But in classic Michael fashion, he takes it a wee bit too far. With the temp by his side, Michael asks Pam to take a seat and proceeds to "fire" her as a prank, but he ends up deeply hurting her feelings.

Michael begins the conversation by explaining that there will be some downsizing, which is probably the last thing you want to hear your boss say as an employee. Then Michael delivers the ever-so sensitive and gentle comment, "And you have made my life so much easier in that I am going to have to let you go first." Naturally, Pam is shocked. She responds, "What? Why?" To which Michael says, "Stealing." Yep. Michael Scott "accuses" poor Pam of stealing. And what was Pam stealing according to Michael? Post-It notes. Pam rightly points out that those cost about 50 cents apiece, but as Michael explains, if Pam were to steal a thousand of those, she could make a reasonable profit margin and run Dunder Mifflin out of business.

Michael is holding back laughter as he goes on to say that Pam will not get any severance pay. Pam starts crying, and Michael reveals that Pam got punk'd.

Michael has a talk with 'Jimothy' in his office

The Office takes an unusual turn in season six when Jim Halpert wants a promotion to branch manager. However, Michael doesn't want to lose his position. In the end, both end up as co-managers, which sounds like a decent compromise, but the situation turns pretty sour. Jim, who's becoming much more mature these days, wants the branch to focus on work, and he wants to limit wasting time on pointless activities. And Michael is, well, the king of distracting people with frivolous ventures. The two keep fighting over the employees, giving them conflicting instructions, which not only confuses the workers but also drives a wedge between Jim and Michael.

One day, Michael announces there will be yet another mandatory conference meeting. Jim does the right thing and asks Michael to step into his office, to which Michael responds, "Hmmm, sure, but can I first talk to you in my office?" Jim obliges, but honestly, he might as well be talking to a brick wall because Michael is simply not going to change his ways. Michael defends his ridiculous meetings, but in the process, he feigns being personable by using Jim's "full" name.

Jim: "Yesterday, we had a meeting about planets."

Michael: "Mmm, well to be fair, Jim ... James. Jimothy? To be fair, Jimothy ... ah, that sounds weird. Are you okay with being called Jim?"

Jim: "I am."

This is hilarious for a few reasons, but let's just point out the fact that Michael's been calling Jim "Jim" for the entire show and only now asks him if it's okay to use a nickname.

Dwight gives birth to a watermelon

If The Office did one thing well, it was making viewers insanely uncomfortable, and that's exactly what happened in this scene. Michael is sort of expecting a baby because Jan (his ex-lover) is pregnant from a sperm donor. He plans to help with the delivery, and what better way to prepare than to rehearse the event? Michael recruits Dwight to act like he's going into labor, so Dwight walks around with a watermelon (which represents the baby) at the office and tells Michael about his "contractions" and that his "water is breaking." Michael's game plan is to take Dwight to the hospital, but Dwight wants to challenge Michael and explains that his car has broken down, and now he must adapt to the situation.

Michael is flustered and attempts to pass on the responsibility to Andy, but right then, Dwight exclaims that he's crowning and runs into Michael's office. Dwight sits on Michael's desk, spreads his legs, and continues screaming instructions to Michael while their coworkers just stare uncomfortably. Michael drops the newborn watermelon immediately, and it cracks open because Dwight covered it with butter to emulate the slippery texture of newborn babies. Michael is impressed, saying "nice touch," and he wants to do the routine again for more practice. But not before eating the watermelon, of course.

Michael looks for a new job

Blink and you might miss this moment. While it's brief and subtle, it's the kind of genius dialogue that makes The Office so hilarious. Michael recently submitted his two weeks' notice because he views his superior, Charles Miner, as a no-fun jerk. Initially, Michael is unworried, enjoying his last days with no responsibility. Even more than usual, Michael avoids work and jokes with his employees. But all of that changes when he learns that the economy is performing very poorly. As you can imagine, this kicks Michael's butt into gear to hunt for a new job, but like most things, he's pretty inexperienced with it.

In one scene, Michael is sitting at his desk, browsing on his computer, and curiously, very strange sounds are coming from his speakers. It sounds like monsters growling menacingly. From outside his office, Jim, without evening turning around or looking at the screen, says, "It's Monster dot com. Singular." And Michael simply replies, "Thank you." What a golden way to show how inept Michael is when it comes to job-hunting. Apparently, Michael isn't familiar with the popular job-hunting site Monster.com and accidentally visited Monsters.com. But what's even funnier is that Michael spent so much time on the obviously wrong website trying to make sense of it.

A sticky situation in The Office

In the episode "Night Out," Michael's day does not start well. He sees something shiny under Stanley's car in the parking lot and decides to get on the ground to see what it is, but in the process, he gets gum stuck in his hair. The object on the ground turns out to be a piece of tin foil, to which Jim responds, "But, best-case scenario, you thought it was a quarter?" Michael is bummed, but Dwight is here to save the day. He has a home remedy for getting chewed gum out of hair — cover it with peanut butter, and you can easily pull out the gum. So they head to Michael's office, and Dwight starts putting peanut butter in Michael's hair. Michael is enjoying the process, even though he's basically making his situation even worse.

The scene itself is hilarious — Michael in his suit, sitting in a chair with Dwight massaging a ton of peanut butter into his hair. But what makes the moment even better is the dialogue. Michael says, "Smells good." And Dwight licks his fingers, which Michael thinks is disgusting. Dwight is surprised after reading the jar, saying, "Wow. Lot of calories." And a slightly concerned Michael says, "Just don't leave it on too long," as though he might gain weight by having peanut butter rubbed on his head. Things get weirder when Michael requests that Dwight keep massaging his head. Dwight is such a yes man that he obliges, but we think Michael enjoyed that a little more than he should have.

Michael learns how a walk-a-thon works

In "The Alliance," Oscar the accountant walks into Michael's office with a clipboard and asks Michael if he's interested in making a donation to his nephew's walk-a-thon to raise funds for cerebral palsy. Michael, who always loves looking good, agrees to donate and takes the clipboard. He's rather appalled at how little money everyone else in the office is giving, which is around $2 or $3 a person. Michael points to the other workers and says, "People out here do not care about diseases," and he outdoes all of them by pledging $25. A grateful Oscar thanks him and tells the office about Michael's generosity, and Michael even chastises some of his employees for being cheap. But all of that changes when Michael discovers that he didn't donate a flat $25 but $25 per mile, which can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

A panicked Michael finds Oscar and has a private conversation, saying he had a misunderstanding about how much he was giving and tries to undonate the money. Oscar is a bit peeved, pointing out, "That's what a walk-a-thon is," and he even brings out the paper, which clearly spells out the terms. Michael is in a pickle because he's cheap, but he also doesn't want to look bad. To get an idea of how much money Michael may end up giving, he asks Oscar how many miles his nephew walked last year. To Michael's horror, he learns it was 18 miles.

Michael's hilarious breakup

Even in the saddest moments on The Office, the writers find ways to make the scenes funny. For example, in "A Benihana Christmas," put-upon girlfriend Carol finally breaks up with Michael, and she visits him at his office when she does the deed. The straw that broke the camel's back? Michael Photoshopped his face over Carol's ex-husband on the Christmas cards he sent out that year. Yikes. Anyway, Carol makes it clear that their relationship is over and walks out of his office, so Michael does the only logical thing after getting his heart broken — listening to "Goodbye My Lover" by James Blunt on repeat.

Michael stares off into space while Dwight barges in with a box, collecting every item that might remind Michael of Carol. A true bro move. But Michael is so sad that he just continues to listen to "Goodbye My Lover" over and over again. Well, a little clarification on that. Michael listens to a sample of "Goodbye My Lover" on repeat, but he won't buy the full song. It ends every few seconds, so Michael has to click back to the beginning of the song sample, prompting Dwight to ask why he won't just buy the full song. Michael says, "I just need a taste," and then he sings along with a broken voice.

Falling asleep on the job

One day, during lunch at work, Michael decides to eat a chicken pot pie. Well, let's be more specific here. Michael eats an entire family-size chicken pot pie. The result? He falls into a deep sleep with his head on his desk. While unconscious, the rest of the office develops a genius plan to get out of work early. They close the blinds to make the room dimmer, and Erin the receptionist quickly answers every incoming call and tells them that Michael can't be reached at the moment. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam change every clock in the room to 4:50 PM, which is ten minutes before everyone goes home. Everyone plays along. Even Dwight, in a rare reversal of his usual role, helps Jim and Pam trick Michael because he has an appointment with a horse doctor.

The most difficult part of their plan is quietly sneaking into Michael's office to change the time on his computer and wristwatch. Jim and Pam walk in with their socks to remain silent. Pam manages to change the watch, Jim handles changing the computer, and Dwight heads out to change the time on Michael's car. Then all the employees delicately wake up Michael by laughing at a "joke" (there was no joke) and turning the lights on. A delighted Michael walks out and joins in the laughter, notices the time, and tells everyone to go home. After he drives off the lot, all the workers give themselves a round of applause.

Firing poor Devon

It's easy to forget about Devon White, a background character in the first two seasons of The Office. In the episode "Halloween," corporate tells Michael in early October that he must fire one of his employees by the end of the month. Michael can't bring himself to do the deed because he loves being liked by his workers. So he does what any good boss would do and waits until the very last day to decide who he's going to fire, which happens to be Halloween. Michael tries to fire a few people, but they're all failed attempts. On one occasion, Michael attempts to fire Creed Bratton, but Creed persuades Michael to fire Devon, instead. So finally, Michael calls Devon into his office.

Devon is dumbfounded that Michael would ever listen to Creed. In Devon's words, "Creed's an idiot, you know that." Michael struggles to defend his decision to let Devon go instead of Creed, but Devon insists, "No, you had it right the first time." And Michael begins to doubt himself, reflecting, "Well, maybe I did." But Michael sticks with his decision because he would look like a total idiot if he changed his mind yet again. A furious Devon can't believe he's getting fired because Michael is indecisive and doesn't want to look bad, even though Creed is a way worse employee. Hoping to remain on good terms with Devon, Michael offers him a gift certificate to Chili's ... which Devon tears up before storming out.

Prepping for the hospital

In season six's "The Delivery," we're treated to a chaotic scene where everyone is freaking out because Pam is going into labor. Michael shouts to Erin, asking for his go-bag ... which is just an empty duffel bag, much to Michael's frustration. Jim briefly panics because he can't find his car keys, but they turn out to be in his hand the whole time. So things are a bit crazy, but during the fumble, Michael walks into his office and decides to fill his go-bag with a few last-minute items.

From his office, Michael yells out, "Hey, um, should I bring a dictionary to the hospital?" Because, you know, sometimes nurses need to know how to spell a word when delivering a baby. Oscar sarcastically responds, "The hospital will provide dictionaries. Bring a thesaurus." And what does Michael do? He throws a thesaurus into his go-bag, which is the only item he has in his duffel bag as he drives Jim and Pam to the hospital.

That time Amy Adams was in Michael's office

Amy Adams worked in both television and movies prior to her guest spot in The Office, most notably in the film Catch Me If You Can. However, her popularity blew up quite a bit after The Office, and now it's kind of crazy to see her in this role since she went on to be in Enchanted, Arrival, American Hustle, and DCEU movies like Man of Steel. But back in 2005, she played the hot girl on The Office in season one, episode six. 

Adams portrayed Katy, who sells purses, and is invited to the Dunder Mifflin office to set up shop. All the men, especially Michael, are eager to make her acquaintance. While in Michael's office, Katy receives a text telling her that her ride is bailing on her, and now she's stranded at Dunder Mifflin. It may have been a mistake to say that out loud because Michael immediately offers to drive her home. Katy refuses multiple times in a row, saying that she doesn't want to inconvenience Michael, to which Michael equally insists that she accept the ride. It gets super awkward, even to the point where Michael says he can leave early because he's the boss and jokingly says to his staff, "I'm outta here, slaves." Initially, she agrees, but by the end of the episode, Jim takes her home.

We doubt Michael would've ever been able to seduce Katy, but still, it's crazy to think that Michael Scott almost slept with Lois Lane.