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The Floki Theory That Has Vikings Fans Talking

Vikings has been very good for History Channel, but unfortunately, the historical series is also coming to an end. While the saga will continue in Netflix's spin-off show Vikings: Valhalla, the original show still has many strange plotlines to solve, and we'll no doubt see a great many twists, turns and epic battles before the story of the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is over. 

Unfortunately, one particular storyline seems to have come to a pretty conclusive end. In season five, the fan-favorite boat builder and wannabe prophet Floki (Gustav Skarsgård) leads his flock to Iceland, expecting a blessed new land but finding hardship and little else. His story seemingly comes to an end when he descends into a cave that he believes is a mystical realm of Norse mythology. Instead of that, however, he discovers an ancient stone cross and an active volcano, which seems to kill him ... or, at the very least, trap him within the cave system, with little chance of escape.

Though Floki's fate seems pretty definitive, the fans are still talking about him and his potential role in the last episodes of the series.

Floki might become the new Seer

Some viewers have pointed out that Vikings has offered several hints about Floki's final fate, and that it's unlikely that he perishes in the cave. Per Screen Rant, Floki might actually live to become the new Seer. 

The show's original Seer (John Kavanagh) is an eyeless, deformed being who serves as the respected oracle of Kattegat, and he wields the power to convey messages from the gods. Until Ragnar's ruthless son Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) murders him, many of the show's characters visit the Seer, licking his hand as a gesture of respect and asking for advice. However, when Floki goes to see the revered figure, the Seer turns the tables on him, and licks the boat-builder's hand instead of the other way around. In addition, the oracle has some cryptic comments for Floki, telling him that he's been waiting for him "in the space between life and death." 

Since the Seer makes it pretty clear that Floki has a strange path ahead of him, being randomly crushed under a volcano doesn't seem like a fitting end for the character, let alone one that the Seer would have paid so much attention to. In fact, some fans think that Floki's Iceland adventure and increasing holy man vibes might mean that all of his season five predicaments are merely part of his journey to become Kattegat's next oracle. After all, there is a job opening, and who better to fill it than the super intense, spiritual guy who's already having all sorts of strange visions?

Will Floki appear in Vikings season 6?

As fascinating as the idea of Floki as the Seer is, there's no telling whether it actually happens until we see what the second half of the season has in store for us. The character is conspicuously absent from the first half of Vikings season six, and so far, History hasn't revealed anything about his potential reemergence on the remaining episodes. As such, we'll have to wait to find out whether the character even survives his predicament, to say nothing of whether he emerges from the underground as the next Seer. 

However, since we're dealing in portents, there is one sign that might very well indicate that Floki is due for a comeback. Reports have indicated that Gustav Skarsgård has been present on the set of the show's final season, so unless the actor has been simply hanging out with his old castmates, a certain eccentric, boat-building someone might very well be making his way back from his volcanic almost-grave.