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Unexpected News Has Come Out About Borat 2

As the man himself would say, very nice.

Sacha Baron Cohen broke out in a big way with 2006's BoratCultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The mockumentary-style film that follows the titular Kazakhstani man as he travels across the United States, learning about American culture while trying to meet Pamela Anderson, grossed over $260 million at the global box office and became something of a pop-cultural phenomenon. Cohen went on to star in other satirical films like Brüno and The Dictator, but none really matched the heights of Borat

While we probably won't see Brüno Gehard or Admiral General Aladeen any time soon, it seems as though Cohen isn't ready to hang up the Borat outfit quite yet. According to an exclusive report from Collider, Cohen has already shot Borat 2, which has reportedly been screened for "a select few industry types."

Not much is known about Borat 2

In late August 2020, a video was published on YouTube from the channel CATNIP. The 13-second-long clip showed Cohen driving around Los Angeles in a beat-up truck, all while dressed as Borat. Initially, it was unclear what exactly Cohen was filming — could it be a commercial, an ill-advised political ad? Now, thanks to Collider's scoop, there's confirmation that Cohen has filmed the sequel to Borat

It was previously believed that a Borat sequel would see Cohen's character needing to go undercover to interview people, given he's now famous in the in-movie universe.  However, sources have come forward shooting down that narrative idea while still confirming a sequel movie exists.

As of right now, not much is known about Borat 2. Plot details are vague, and there's no word on who directed the movie, who produced it, or when and where it's going to debut. It's believed to be a feature-length film rather than a series, but confirmation of that is still in progress. Representatives for Cohen and Jay Roach (who produced the first film) haven't responded for requests to comment yet.

Cohen kept a low profile for many years following the release of Borat, making guest appearances in various films but staying away from the mockumentary genre he helped popularize in the 21st century. That all changed when he came out with Who is America?, which debuted on Showtime in 2018. He played a variety of characters who would interview people associated with American politics and pop culture. It was abundantly clear that Cohen still had a knack for getting people to drop their guards to reveal their true selves to him. A new season of Who is America? is on the horizon, as evidenced by a video clip published on YouTube by Nathan Goldschmidt, wherein Cohen crashes a rally as one of his characters and sings an incredibly racist song. 

With Who is America? and Borat 2 (hopefully) coming down the track, there's plenty more hilarity we can all start enjoying soon.