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Westworld Details Reveal Man In Black Spoiler

When a character is named "Man in Black," there's sure to be a fair amount of mystery around him. But Entertainment Weekly revealed a huge piece of information about the character Ed Harris plays on HBO's upcoming series Westworld.

Based on Michael Crichton's 1973 sci-fi thriller, Westworld is about a virtual reality theme park set in the Wild West that goes off the rails when its android inhabitants change the plan.

Contains spoilers for Westworld

Members of the cast opened up to EW, and the biggest reveal involves the character Harris plays. As Nerdist notes, HBO had previously presented the Man in Black as an "updated take" on Yul Brynner's android Gunslinger from the original movie.

But according to EW, the character is not only human, he's also a "frequent visitor" to the park. Just don't expect to see him sipping daiquiris and taking selfies. "He's got a much more specific intention than just having a good time," Harris said.

Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, and James Marsden, also spoke about their roles. Hopkins plays the park's head honcho Dr. Robert Ford, and the actor said producers initially described the role as a mix of Walt Disney and Dr. Frankenstein. "He wants to create a pure dystopia or utopia, but he begins to realize that he's lost track of it," Hopkins said.

Wood portrays Dolores, a central character in the trailer. She's an android "host" who gradually comes to realize her reality "might not be what it seems."

But producers told EW they were most concerned with keeping details about another character under wraps: James Marsden's Teddy Flood. "You'll constantly be off balance," Marsden said. "You'll think you'll know what's happening, and where [the story is] going, but you'll be wrong."

Westworld premieres Oct. 2 on HBO. It's one of many new shows we're excited to see this fall.