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Luke Cage: Season 1 Episode Titles Reveal Hip-Hop Influence

If the episode titles for Marvel's Netflix series Luke Cage look familiar to you, there's a good chance your record collection is awesome.

Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has been gradually releasing each title for the 13 episodes in Season 1, and CBM notes that he recently unveiled the final one. As Coker previously announced (in the featurette above), each episode is named after a different song by influential East Coast rap duo Gang Starr. Check them all out below, and definitely listen to the source material.

1. "Moment of Truth"

2. "Code of the Streets"

3. "Who's Gonna Take the Weight?"

4. "Step in the Arena"

5. "Just to Get a Rep"

6. "Suckas Need Bodyguards"

7. "Manifest"

8. "Blowin' Up the Spot"

9. "DWYCK"

10. "Take it Personal"

11. "Now You're Mine"

12. "Soliloquy of Chaos"

13. "You Know My Steez"

In the comics, Luke Cage is a former convict left with super strength and unbreakable skin after a sabotaged experiment. The series follows Cage (Mike Colter) as he attempts to rebuild his life in Harlem.

Music supervisor Adrian Younge enlisted Ali Shaheed Muhammad of hip-hop outfit A Tribe Called Quest to help curate the soundtrack, and in the clip above, Younge said they treated each of the 13 episodes as 13 "different albums." A$AP Ferg and Method Man also share their own thoughts on the series and how music comes into play.

The first season of Luke Cage will be available Sept. 30 on Netflix. Here's what to expect from the series, and what we think we learned from the trailer.