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Does Russell Crowe Think You're An A**hole? - Exclusive

Being rude to waitstaff, flaking on friends without explanation, spreading nasty rumors, cheating on a loving, faithful partner — there are many obvious reasons for which someone can be deemed an a**hole. Sometimes, though, it's hard to tell if what you've done makes you an a**hole or simply someone doing their best in an unfortunate situation. For anyone at home wondering if they've exhibited symptoms of General A**holery, Russell Crowe is here to help.

Ahead of the release of his latest film Unhinged, the Derrick Borte-directed thriller in which Crowe stars as a man who jumps to murder and stalking after an instance of road rage, Crowe sat down to helpfully assist members of the public to determine whether or not they are, in fact, an a**hole. Looper partnered with Unhinged's U.S. distributor Solstice Studios to bring you the exclusive video.

For years, Reddit's popular forum "Am I the A**hole?" has been the go-to place for those in moral crisis — left losing sleep over everything from getting angry at their wife for having a secret savings account (potentially the a**hole) to telling their girlfriend to start wearing makeup again (definitely the a**hole) to not talking to a friend's significant other very often (not the a**hole). Crowe, a self-admitted expert in "the subject of a**holes" thanks to his role in Unhinged, took to the "AITA?" subreddit to scope out fresh posts from stressed-out folks and help answer their big questions.

What makes you an a**hole, according to Unhinged star Russell Crowe

So, what does Crowe think makes someone an a**hole? We won't spoil the results, but see if you can guess the outcomes yourself: One Reddit user stormed out of a dinner just because an ingredient they felt doesn't belong in a meal ended up in their food. A social-media-averse boyfriend permanently deleted his girlfriend's Instagram. And finally, one Redditor got upset about a semi-cruel but mostly harmless prank being pulled on them. And, of course, there are some catches to all of these stories. 

Let a preeminent question of human existence draw you in, and let Crowe's genuinely hilarious recitation keep you hooked to the end. (Trust us, you'll be repeating the phrase "potatoes in my f***ing chili!" for days.) 

Fans can catch Crowe, who has appointed himself the Chief A**hole Adjudicator, in Unhinged. The film also stars Caren Pistorius (Mortal Engines) as Rachel Hunter and Gabriel Bateman as Kyle Hunter (Child's Play), the mother-son pair who become the objects of Crowe's character's rage. Rounding out the cast are Jimmi Simpson (Westworld), Austin P. McKenzie (Speech & Debate), Anne Leighton (Grimm), Michael Papajohn (the Spider-Man and Terminator franchises), Lucy Faust (NCIS: New Orleans, Looking for Alaska), and Devyn A. Tyler (Watchmen, The Purge). The movie hits theaters on August 21.