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Brandi Passante's Most Bizarre Storage Wars Find Ever

Watching Storage Wars is like joining a modern treasure hunt — only instead of following weathered maps with a set of shovels to start digging where X marks the spot, we get to watch Orange County all-stars like Brandi Passante dig through boxes of broken stuff in abandoned storage lockers. Admittedly, it lacks some of the romance of the traditional treasure hunt, but it makes up for it in financial rewards.

Storage Wars ran for 12 seasons on A&E, following a proverbial clown car full of colorful professional storage buyers — bargain hunters of sorts that make their living turning profits on abandoned goods dislodged from California storage lockers with overdue rent. Similar to a home foreclosure, when storage lockers in California go into default, the goods contained within them get kicked to an auctioneer. These auctioneers provide ample fodder for enterprising pawn artists and thrift shop proprietors.

Although it's difficult to pick a favorite buyer from Storage Wars, it would be difficult to argue that Brandi Passante, the owner-operator of Now and Then Thrift Store in Orange, California, brought a lot of charisma to the screen. Together, she and her husband Jarrod Schulz make up "The Young Guns," and over the course of their long tenure on Storage Wars they certainly came up with some interesting finds.

In addition to all the hidden diamonds in the rough that proved quite lucrative for Passante and Schulz, the dynamic duo also came up with some truly bizarre items. Here are three of the weirdest.

Brandi Passante was creeped out by this Voodoo starter kit

On season 5, episode 5 of the A&E reality series, Passante uncovered a "Voodoo locker" that was almost too creepy for her to unpack. The first hint that something was strange about this locker came when she discovered a decorated deer skull — like, from an actual deer. The skull appears to be adorned with some kind of ritual beads around the antlers. Pretty disconcerting, though it didn't stop Zack Carter from chewing on a petrified ear of corn that had been lodged next to the deer skull for who knows how long.

"It's creepy, and I don't want it in my shop," Passante says. The spooky discoveries didn't stop there, however. Even with the decorative beads, the skull might have passed for some kind of hunting trophy — until the team kept digging.

Deeper within the abandoned locker they pulled out a bag of preserved chicken bones, another containing what looks like human hair, some kind of rattle made from bird beaks, and the crown jewel of the cache: a wooden ritual scepter depicting a creepy guy wearing — you guessed it — another chicken on his head.

"Do you think this is what the chief holds when he sacrifices a virgin?" Passante inquires.

We sure hope not.

Brandi scored a box full of teeth

After getting toppled like a bowling pin by Schulz's reckless roll, Passante made a truly disgusting discovery: a neatly categorized case of human teeth. At first, Schulz thinks that they're dental implants, but Passante knows what she's looking at, and it's a rack of individual teeth. Turns out: They're both right.

The team actually takes the teeth to OCS Dental Academy to have an expert weigh in on whether they're worth anything. Passante's "rolodex of teeth" turns out to be a set of vintage dentures. As the dental experts explains, in the olden days people used to attach these teeth to their implants with medical-grade wax. Yum, Depression-era fake teeth. Despite the vintage, the experts said they were only worth around $300.

Dental leavings aside, one of Passante's discoveries is even more disturbing than a box of second-hand Voodoo supplies and a proper pallet full of teeth. Next up is the most bizarre storage locker treasure of all.

This My Little Pony treasure trove might be Storage Wars' creepiest cache ever

It all started going awry when Schulz unearthed a giant, pink monstrosity from the back of a storage locker on season 6, episode 2. This riding-sized plush doll turned out to be an authentic My Little Pony. In this case, the bizarreness derives less from the item itself and more from what it implies about the storage locker's delinquent owner.

"There was like a documentary about dudes who collect my little ponies, and they're really serious about it," Brandi points out.

"I don't think that's real," Schulz scoffs in response. It is real, by the way.

Passante forms an immediate attachment to the plush pony, refusing to turn it over to Carter. As the two struggle over the pony, Schulz pulls out the motherload: an entire plastic bin full of My Little Pony toys and memorabilia. We're talking hundreds of My Little Ponies. This might not be bizarre at all if the storage locker belonged to a seven year old, but we're pretty sure that it did not.

At least Passante remembered what the My Little Pony enthusiasts call themselves before the end of the segment. Bronies. They're called Bronies.