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Max Steel: Watch The Trailer For Mattel's First Movie

It's been six years since Paramount first announced a live-action movie based on Mattel's popular Max Steel action figures and animated series. But the long-delayed flick is finally set for release this fall, and Yahoo! Movies revealed the official U.S. trailer.

Written by Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World) and directed by Stewart Hendler (Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn), Max Steel follows the origin story of 16-year old Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) and his alien companion Steel (voiced by Silicon Valley's Josh Brener).

According to the synopsis (via Collider), "Max McGrath and his mother have just moved back to Copper Canyon, the town in which Max's scientist father died in a mysterious accident shortly after Max was born. As Max adjusts to his new school, things get complicated when his body starts to generate strange energy flare-ups that he can't control... Eventually the energy pushes him to the verge of fatal combustion. In the nick of time, a techno-organic extraterrestrial named Steel, who has been secretly monitoring Max's progress, saves him just before he loses consciousness. The two discover that when joined together, they can control the energy and harness it into superhuman strength–and that when apart, neither can survive for long."

Maria Bello and Andy Garcia also star in the film, which is scheduled to hit theaters Oct. 14.