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Mark Hamill Hints Luke Skywalker Will Be In Star Wars 9

Star Wars fans can detect even the smallest disturbance in the Force, especially when it comes from Luke Skywalker himself.

The last time we saw Skywalker, he showed up at in the final scene of 2015's The Force Awakens sporting a bushy beard that would make Obi-Wan proud. Back then, actor Mark Hamill told Entertainment Weekly he's "not a beard person," but he was contractually obligated to grow one for his part in the new Star Wars trilogy.

That's probably why Hamill seems so happy to shave it off in a brief video he posted (via THR).

But that's not what sent shockwaves through the galaxy. It's the hashtags Hamill used in the caption that hints he could return for Episode IX, which implies Skywalker will survive 2017's upcoming Episode VIII.But, as ScreenRant points out, even if Skywalker is in Episode IX, that doesn't mean he'll be alive. Dead Jedi masters have a habit of showing up as ghosts.

Of course, before all that, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is set for release this December. And one character we know won't make an appearance in the anthology film is the evil Emperor Palpatine. Actor Ian McDiarmid revealed during the Amsterdam Comic-Con (via SWNN) that his character will not appear in the movie.

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