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How This Dexter Actress Really Feels About The Series Finale

When it comes to bringing a TV series to an end, it can be very difficult to stick the landing. The writers of Showtime's serial killer drama Dexter know this all too well. After eight bloody seasons, the show came to an end with a finale that was highly controversial among its fan base, to say the least.

In the final episode of the series, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is getting ready to flee Miami with his girlfriend, Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) and his son, Harrison (Luke Kruntchev), but a series of catastrophes prevents him from doing so. Hannah and Harrison fly off to Argentina, and Dexter sails his boat into a hurricane, after which he's presumed dead. A twist at the end reveals he's actually started a new life for himself in Oregon.

While some people appreciated this more understated ending to a show known for resolving its problems by taping people down to a table and stabbing them through the heart, others thought it was a major cop-out. Strahovski appeared recently on an episode of Collider Ladies Night, where she was asked for her first-hand opinion on the divisive ending.

She began diplomatically by saying, "I appreciate both sides," before offering, "I mean, from memory ... it was just sort of about having Dexter have nobody and that that was kind of the ultimate jail in a way for him, to not have anybody left."

The Stateless and The Handmaid's Tale actress also had some thoughts on the fan response, as well as how she feels about being directly involved in such a lightning-rod TV moment.

Yvonne Strahovski gets why some fans didn't love Dexter's finale

After being asked about the controversy among fans surrounding the Dexter finale, Strahovski offered an empathetic statement for those who weren't satisfied with how the series turned out: "I get the fans, as well. I get that perhaps it wasn't sort of the most dramatic ending that they had longed for. Maybe they wanted to see more blood and gore."

Strahovski also made sure, however, to clarify her role in the whole debate. Collider Ladies Night host Perri Nemiroff began the question about Strahovski's feelings regarding the finale by saying, "As an actor in the show, who isn't responsible for the writing ... "

At the end of her answer, Strahovski brought it back to that very important point, finishing her thoughts with, "But I think you've nailed it; it's not my responsibility, so it doesn't really bother me whether people liked it or not. It's just something that I was a part of."

Whether or not you were satisfied with Dexter's finale, we hope you'll take some inspiration from Strahovski's thoughtful, yet unbothered, insights.