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Zack Snyder Drops Huge Tease About Superman In Justice League Director's Cut

Listen, we know that the whole point of the Justice League is that they're a group of superhumans who work together toward a common goal. That doesn't mean, however, that we all don't have our favorites. If yours is Superman (Henry Cavill), then we have some extra-exciting news about the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League, aka Zack Snyder's Justice League. It sounds like the Man of Steel might be getting a meatier role in the reconfiguration of the 2017 film, which is set to drop on HBO Max in 2021.

By most accounts, some of what Snyder imagined for his version of Justice League ended up getting scrapped or repurposed when Joss Whedon took over the reins of the project late in its production. During a wide-ranging interview with Grace Randolph on Beyond the Trailer, the director gave some insights into his vision for the movie. Based on what he had to say about Superman as a character, Snyder appears to have a more complex idea for the Kryptonian than what we saw in the 2017 version of Justice League, and it sounds like he's planning on taking the character to his "pinnacle."

What Zack Snyder had to say about where he'd like to take Superman in the Snyder Cut

During the Beyond the Trailer interview, Snyder explained that was keen on the idea of Superman taking on a complex internal struggle. He said, "I love the idea of Superman going on a journey with his character ... I love the idea of Superman having to reconcile his morality, reconcile his place on Earth, reconcile love affair with Lois ... I think that when you see Superman grapple with those things, he becomes a lot more relatable."

Snyder went on to add, "Because Superman is such an abstract character, in his powers and what he's able to do, that any time you can bring him back down to Earth, he becomes a lot more relatable, and, I think, for that he's more interesting." The director also explained that these moral reckonings are important to Superman's growth not just as a character, but also as a superhero: "But I do have a huge respect for his moral code, and I think his ultimate place as the top of the pyramid of the DC superhero world. In the end, he has to achieve that pinnacle."

When asked directly if reaching this pinnacle would be part of Superman's journey in the Snyder Cut, the director responded, "I always felt like that's where he was [going] ... "

We'll have to wait until 2021 to see exactly how this plays out in the context of Zack Snyder's Justice League, but just based on that tease, it seems that Superman fans have a lot to look forward to.